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FOI Reveals Over 500 Fly Tipping Incidents In Wrexham

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Apr 14th, 2014.

A Freedom of Information request to Wrexham Council has revealed over 500 fly tipping incidents have taken place in Wrexham in the past year.

In the FOI submitted by Wrexham.com it has been revealed that there has been 518 fly tipping incidents in the County Borough in the 12 months ending January 2014.

This is only slightly higher than 2012 / 2013 where there were 505 incidents.

Fly tipping is the act of illegally dumping waste. This can vary from a single bin bag to thousands of tonnes of waste. If any person is caught illegally disposing of waste, the maximum penalty for Fly Tipping is £50,000..

However if the case goes to the Crown Court, imprisonment can be up to two years and fines are unlimited (increased sentence of up to five years imprisonment if it’s hazardous waste that is illegally dumped).

For the 12 months ending Jan 2014 there were 25 fixed penalties with 9 prosecutions. Fines amounted to £1,096 with 3 between 0 – £50, 2 between £51 – £200, 1 between £201 – £500 and 1 between £501 – £1000.

In January of this year, Wrexham.com reported that two people have been prosecuted for fly tipping within Wrexham town centre. Both of which received fines for illegally dumping their waste.

Listed below is the advice you should follow if you discover fly tipping or see someone commit the act of fly tipping.

– Do not touch the waste, it may contain hazardous substances
– Do not disturb the site, as it may contain evidence that could help identify the offender and lead to a prosecution
– Note the date, time and place of the occurrence
– Note what the waste looks like and how much of it there is
– Note a description of any vehicles involved, along with registration numbers
– Do not approach any fly tippers.

You should also report the discovery by phoning 01978 298989 or by emailing environmentalenforcement@wrexham.gov.uk . You can also report any cases of fly-tipping via the council’s website www.wrexham.gov.uk.

Waste in Wrexham can be disposed at a number of recycling centers. Details on disposing of bulkier items can be found here – http://www.wrexham.gov.uk/english/prepayments/waste/Refuse.cfm

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