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Flash Floods Hit Wrexham & Surrounding Area

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Sunday, Aug 5th, 2012.

Despite the sunny weather earlier today heavy rain accompanied by thunder and lightening hit the area this afternoon causing flash flooding.

As of 6:40pm our weatherstation in Wrexham says we have had 0.5 inches of rain today so far, causing flash flooding and drainage issues in the area. More bad weather is forecast for later this evening.

The rain was so bad closing roads and causing traffic on the A483 bypass to stop completely. Gwersyllt Cricket Club told us that a lightening strike occurred on the road itself while they were travelling on the A483 “just in front of one of our players cars, the lads in that car are shook up!”

We have collated these pictures sent to us, but if you took videos or pictures of todays floods please email them to news@wrexham.com or tweet them to our @wrexham twitter account.

Steve Morris sent this picture of storm clouds gathering over Llay before the storm occurred.

@2ndChanceMan sent us this picture of Nant-y-gaer Road

@2ndChanceMan sent another view of Llay being flooded.

Scott Jones sent us this view of Gresford

Vikki Wynne sent us this view of Gresford with a 4×4 showing the depth of flooding

David Prince sent this saying “Llay cut off from the world. Most major roads flooded”

Up the road in Chester the ‘family day’ was abandoned as Rob Jefferies picture shows.

Chiarina Jones took this picture of the flooding in a road in Gresford.

Huw Morgan tells us “Police diverting cars in Hope too, no sign of a flood though as I passed by.”

There is a police message saying “A483 wrexham area nearly stationary due to very deep standing water both directions. some vehicles stopping on verge”

Robert Stead has sent us this video of a roundabout in Caia Park which is still spinning all on its own due to the rain!

Dan Roach sent us this picture of his back garden in Llay

Hannah O’Shaughnessy says ‘most of Llay looks like this’

Alice Powell has sent us this updated picture of Gresford!

Alex Merry took this picture of hail, and makes it clear its in August! It doesn’t seem quite like summer…

James Stenning tells us that ‘Number 1 bus to Chester currently taking the scenic route around Gresford to avoid the flooding by the Plough’.

The current band of rain is drifting north towards Chester, and ought to calm down from around 6:45pm onwards, however the radar does show that there is more due in from the west later tonight.

Llay New Road has fire engines on pumping the water away.

Paul Griffiths says “this morning I lived in Llay, currently live on an island after the awesome rain”. We are unsure if this new island state will declare independence from the rest of the country. Peoples Republic of Llay anyone?

This is a picture of Gresford pond earlier by Julia Chaplin, the green bit is usually the start of the road.

Naomi B sent this picture of the water on the A483 bypass, which ended up having cars pulling over for safety. Kim Sheridan from Just Tea and Coffee on the High St reported that visibility was verging on zero at one point it was that bad!

Rain rate is dropping, and radar shows that the rain clouds are moving quicker so ought to be totally past by about 6:30pm. Still more lurking to the west to come in later.

Scott Jones sends us the most enjoyable picture of such a murky afternoon so far, which also indicates the depth of the flood water!

Lisa Amy Jones sent us this picture of driving conditions on the old Chester road out of town towards Gresford.

Lisa Jones adds “its the worst flooding i’ve seen in the area,the road to Hope by Sharp very badly flooded. Manhole pushed up by flooding by The Crown.”

However as its 6:35pm the rain is easing off Mikey Jones who has just been out and about says “just been out, things seem to be getting cleared up now, police no longer diverting to hope, and fire crews cleaning up quickly!”

Joanna Louise Guy sent this picture of Gresford as of 6:45pm with the floodwater dropping and perhaps even a hint of sunshine returning!

Sharon Jones sent this picture at 7:20pm of the clean up operation underway in Gresford:

We are also being informed of damage in Gresford & Llay as a result of flooding. In Llay we are told the doctor’s surgery, Eighth Avenue, Nant y Gaer Rd, Sixth Ave, Shones Lane all have some properties damaged due to water, plus some affected with raw sewage.

Matthew Tyrrell emailed us this video of the flooding earlier on the road outside of Rossett:

The following pictures were emailed in to us and were taken by Aiden Fox of Llay at 18.30 this evening. First picture is “The Rockeries” opposite the Co-Op in Llay. The 2nd picture shows the garden of a house in Llay a few hours after the rain fell:

Adam Capper sent us this picture he took at 5pm today in Gresford:

Sara Williams told us at 8pm “Rossett got hit by flooding including my horses stable. Darland ln still has a lake on it”.

At 8:20pm Alice Powell said “all clear in Gresford now, apart from the vile smell of sewage and waste everywhere!”.

Dan Heath is hunting his fish, as his back garden and pond was flooded:

Joanna Guy says “The spar in Gresford had to close due to the flood not sure how long it’s going to be closed tho. Never seen flooding here before.”

Chris Wright told us “drain overflowed in bradley and sewage was left by cricket pitch”.

Andrew Boland sent in this collection of pictures from around Llay:

Llay New Road:

Market Square Llay:

Nant Y Gaer Road:

Shones Lane:

Email us your pictures to news@wrexham.com or tweet them to @wrexham – but stay safe while taking them!

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