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‘Fireball In Sky’ Meteor Shoots Overhead

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Jan 30th, 2013.

Just after 9pm tonight we had reports of a fireball shooting across the night sky.

The fireball, possibly a meteor or space junk burning up, was zooming across the sky from South to North. It was described as being green in colour with a yellow or red tail.

Its likely it is space junk, however there is an outside chance it is the start of an alien invasion.

Update: We have had @wrexham twitter followers tweeting us as below, and one email in saying it ‘broke up at the end’ rather than being a meteor shower. One Wrexham.com heard a rumble and boom around the same time.

In September a massive fireball, thought to be space junk, was sighted burning up over the skies of the UK – our report is here.

(Pic: Stock image)

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