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Fire Crews Attend 400 Tons Of Waste Fire On Industrial Estate

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Apr 23rd, 2014.

A ‘waste’ fire has seen emergency services attend Wrexham Industrial Estate last night.

We are told the incident took place close to Alans Skip Hire by Redwither Road on the industrial estate around 8:30pm with crews on scene until around 1am.

As of 11pm last night fire crews are still at the scene, with around 4-5 engines parked at various places close by. Crews did not leave the scene until around 4:30am this morning.

It is not believed to be a factory or office on fire, but waste stored outside that has gone on fire. It is believed the fire started as a result of a spontaneous combustion.

Three crews from Wrexham and another from Johnstown tackled the blaze. However other crews were also on standby.

This morning, Wednesday, Llangollen Fire tweeted to say “00:31 stand by at Wrexham station due to three of there pumps out on a fire at the industrial estate.

“Fire involving 400 ton of general waste”.

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