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Expect a Call from Election Canvassers

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Sep 7th, 2012.

Residents in Wrexham are being advised that they will receive a knock on their door from the Council if they haven’t completed their Electoral Registration Form.

The Council has a legal duty to ensure forms are returned and have no alternative but to send out officers to knock on doors to get people to provide their information.

Officers will be door knocking over the coming weeks and are likely to call on a weekend or evening as that’s the most likely time to catch people in. If you don’t want to be disturbed please ensure your form is returned as soon as possible.

Providing the necessary information couldn’t be easier if there are no changes to your information you can renew your electoral entry by phone, internet or text.

If there are changes to your form, however, you will have to sign it and return it either by hand to Ty Dewi Sant, Rhosddu Road, Wrexham or post in the pre-paid envelope sent to all households with the Registration Form.

If you do receive a call from a canvasser remember, they only want the basic information asked for on the form – such as name, date of birth and nationality. In some parts of the country there have been bogus canvassers asking for other details such as NI numbers. Please provide only the necessary information and check ID badges. There is a number on the ID badge which you can call to confirm the callers identity.

Cllr Malcolm King, Lead Member for Policy, Finance, Performance and Governance, said:

“I encourage everyone to ensure they have returned their form before they get a knock on their door from staff. There is a legal duty on the Council to call at least once to ensure that everyone is registered to vote. There’s also the financial cost to the council in sending out canvassers so the fewer calls they have to make the less it costs. It also ensures that as many residents as possible who are eligible to vote can do so in the Police Commissioner election due in November.”

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