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Estyn Gives Glowing Report For St Joseph’s School

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Tuesday, Mar 18th, 2014.

A Wrexham school has received glowing results in its most recent Estyn Inspection.

In a report released by Estyn today, St Joseph’s Catholic and Anglican School has been overall marked as ‘Good’, with a number of the reports criteria also marking the school as ‘Excellent’.

The inspection which took place in January of this year focuses on three specific questions. These are: How good are the outcomes?, How good is provision?
and How good are leadership and management?

Along with this an overall judgement on the school’s current performance and its prospects for improvement.

A rating of ‘Good’ means there are ‘Many strengths and no important areas requiring significant improvement’.

The report notes that St Joseph’s is a good school because:

– Standards are strong in most areas and improving steadily;
– Teaching enables pupils to make secure progress and prepares them well for the
next stage of learning;
– Pupils feel safe and secure and are well motivated;
– Pupils engage well in their learning, and display well-developed social and lifeskills;
-The exceptionally strong caring and inclusive ethos and high levels of mutual
support successfully promote high expectations and raise aspirations for all
– The school has established very effective working relationships with a wide range
of specialist support agencies.

Along with this the school received special praise for its learning environment, which was deemed as excellent.

The report notes: “The school’s extremely positive ethos has a significant impact on the exemplary attitudes and behaviour of all pupils. There is a clear mutual respect between staff and pupils and the school communicates these values effectively to pupils to ensure that no child is left behind.”

Amongst the school’s feedback, Estyn also notes that St Joseph’s partnership working, resource management and care, support and guidance are all good.

With regards to the care, support and guidance offered by the school, Estyn states that: “Pupils receive a high level of care, support and guidance. The school has a very strong focus on promoting pupils’ good behaviour and encouraging a positive attitude to school.”

Well-being in the school was also deemed as ‘excellent’, with the pupils commitment, social skills and satisfaction reaching the highest Estyn standard.

The full report can be viewed on the Estyn website here.

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