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Eagles Meadow Vinci Car Park Price Rise ‘Postponed’

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Nov 5th, 2014.

The Vinci car park under Eagles Meadow has had the planned price rise postponed, however no one seems to know for how long.

Our story prompted by posts on the Wrexham.com forum had widespread interest and comment with over 50,000 people seeing the Facebook post itself – with over 250 comments , all overwhelmingly negative about the changes which would have seen prices rise 61% to £5 for two hours parking.

Centre Manager Kevin Critchley told us the first he knew of the postponement was when a staff member of one of the tennant companies mentioned it in passing, with no formal contact from Vinci itself.

We asked Mr Critchley how long the postponement is for, he said he had asked Vinci staff: “How long it is postponed for… they didnt say.

“Why it has been postponed… they didnt say”.

“It could be postponed for a day, a week, a month or two months or forever. We simply don’t know.”

It appears that the company used to reprogram the ticket machines had an appointment cancelled, however there is no indication on the lead time to recall them.

Discussions are ongoing between the car park leaseholders Vinci and the Eagles Meadow ‘landlords’ who are on a long term lease themselves from Wrexham Council. What nature , frequency and topics of the discussion are unknown.

VINCI is of course a French ‘concessions and construction company’ founded in 1899 as Société Générale d’Enterprises, thus us searching around to see if there is anything lost in translation over the word ‘postpone’.

We have queried Vinci directly and will update as and when they reply.

(Thanks to Google Translate for the likely incorrect translation above, so apologies in advance to our francophile readers)

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