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‘Difficult to Let’ Flats To Be Demolished – With Work to ‘Vastly Transform’ Area Over Next Decade

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Sunday, Apr 17th, 2016.

A number of ‘difficult to let’ flats on a Wrexham estate are to be demolished – with work set to take place which will see the area ‘vastly’ transformed.

Members of Wrexham Council’s Executive Board last week backed plans to demolish 22 properties in the Gwynant and Peris areas of Plas Madoc – with the site set to undergo an extensive refurbishment in the next few years.

Of the 22 properties proposed for demolition, 18 are currently tenanted and managed by the Plas Madoc Estate Office. The remaining 4 properties are rented as ‘Temporary Homeless’ accommodation and managed by the Council’s Housing Options Team.

During the meeting it was noted that the ‘three storey properties offer little to landscape and environment as well as being unpopular and difficult to let’.

The report was welcomed by lead member for housing, Cllr Ian Roberts who said the plans to demolish the buildings should be ‘shouted from the rooftop’.

He added: “We’re hoping to refurbish the properties and give residents in that area something to be proud of and somewhere they want to live in.”

The report also received praise from members of the Executive Board, with Cllr David Bithell stating: “i remember some of these properties in my younger days. I do think this is a good project well worth spending some capital investment on to address concerns.

“I am sure the local member will support the proposals. It will enhance the area, benefit the tenants and benefit long-term our housing stocks.”

Cllr Bob Dutton added: “They have never been a popular design and no doubt things have moved on greatly when council estates were left to crumble in own ashes. We’ve come a long way and like to congratulate tenants who have said they will like to stay with the Council.”

It is expected work will take place over the next 2-3 years, with a masterplan for Plas Madoc to be worked on over the coming decade which could ‘vastly transform’ the estate.

The demolition costs themselves will be funded from the savings resulting in not needing to bring the properties up to WHQS (Welsh Housing Quality Standard) and therefore avoid any double spending.

‘Decanting’ of tenants should be commenced immediately and tenants affected given priority over the general Waiting and Transfer Lists in the authority

Local member for the area, Cllr Paul Blackwell described the news as a ‘fantastic development’ for the Plas Madoc area – noting that himself, Cllr Roberts and officers had been working on the plans.

Council Leader Mark Pritchard stated he was ‘delighted’ at the news, adding: “We ourselves have shown commitment to social housing. We started journey sometimes ago with high town flats, had challenge that we shouldn’t demolish. We were bold then in making decision to demolish. This is another piece of jigsaw that will improve quality of social housing in Wrexham.

“For too long haven’t invested enough in social housing. Now we are on a journey and we cannot stop until complete it.”

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