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Demolition Then Creation Of Care Apartments On Grosvenor Road

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Feb 5th, 2014.

Plans have been submitted to create care apartments on Grosvenor Road with some existing buildings being demolished.

The planning application covers 16 to 18 Grosvenor Road, with the request in two parts, with the first requesting that demolition is authorised for No. 18 , as it is in a conservation area.

The second element involves the creation of twenty one ‘care apartments’ with associated services and support areas.


The application describes the current site use as ‘vacant offices’. The buildings at 16 Grosvenor Road were built in 1908, with the property at 18 Grosvenor Road being of more recent construction.


The end user of the site is described as a ‘domiciliary care organisation’, without specific names given.

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