2012 Local Elections wrexham council logo on truck

As Wrexham.com predicted on election night, and on Friday, the expected ‘deal’ between Labour and Wrexham Democratic Independents has taken place to allow a new council to form.

Labour lacked the number of seats for an overall majority, thus needed the support of others to take full control.

The council Leader and Deputy Leader are not confirmed however we understand that it’s likely that Labour leader Neil Rogers will emerge as Leader of the Council, with head of Wrexham Democratic Independents Mark Pritchard as Deputy Leader.

Cllr Rogers said that the “alliance” will allow Labour to deliver on their two main election promises of improving education and care for the elderly.

With Gwynneth Roberts failing to get re-elected, we believe Ian Roberts will remain Mayor of Wrexham for a second term. One other ‘top job’ of Chairman of the Planning Committee will likely end up with Paul Pemberton.

The opposition will comprise of the remaining 5 Conservatives, 4 Lib Dems, 1 Plaid Cymru and any remaining independents not aligned to the Democratic Independents group which is believed to have 9 members.

Cllr for Gwersyllt West Arfon Jones who will be in opposition this term said: “I wish the new administration all the best for the coming 5 years. They will now have to deliver on their election promises and do more than just blame the UK coalition government.

“I look forward to working with other councillors to form an effective and constructive opposition to ensure that the people of Wrexham get quality cost-effective services.”