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Dark Dingy & Uncomfortable – Councillors Look For Lounge Improvement

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Oct 15th, 2012.

With the news that Wrexham’s Registry Office is set to move into the Guildhall it means the Members Lounge is needing to find a new home.

The lounge itself is due to be moved to a new room created from the current ‘female robing room and toilet’ on the first floor with the size being roughly the same.

An internal consultation has taken place via a survey to councillors with 18 Members responding. The main gripes of councillors was that there was a ‘lack of adequate heating’ and limited amount of desk space.

Looking at the results of the survey most of the respondants say they use it 2-3 times a week and mainly to pick up mail. Six mentioned they use it for internet access, which no doubt will be zeroed if they are given iPads (story here).

A breakdown of specific responses to ‘current problems with the members room’ were published with many commenting on the environment saying it needs ‘better lighting’, ‘new carpet’ and its ‘not very comfortable’.

In ‘other comments’ the quote regarding the room being ‘dark, dingy and uncomfortable’ was made alongside another saying ‘the Members room is adequate and meets the needs of everyone’. Another shared this view saying ‘spending money on this room is a bit extravagant in current climate’.

There is no attribution to the comments.

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