News Bridge A483

Shortly after 7:00pm this evening we were informed of an accident on the A483.

The incident took place at the Sainsburys turn off on the A483 northbound.

A number of people who were in the traffic have said they saw two ambulances drive past / at the scene.

There are unconfirmed reports that a car had hit the central reservation.

Daryl Mcwatt tweeted us to say that a car had been moved off the road, and a clean up had begun. However the ambulance was still stationary.

It’s reported that Tailbacks and traffic are as far down as the Gresford roundabout.

One lane is closed, however the Sainburys exit remains open.

At around 8:00pm traffic slowly began moving.

This is the second incident in the past two days to take place on the A483.

More as we have it…