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Cow Rampage Through Town Centre

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Saturday, Dec 22nd, 2012.

Last weekend Wrexham.com was tweeted about cows on the loose in Coedpoeth. We retweeted and joked on the day and thought nothing more of it. Several days later this made the frontpage headlines of the Leader, and we were even more surprised to see it on the front ‘Big’ Leader for the week (pictured).

It seems others were equally surprised, so in the spirit of old cow related news making new headlines we reproduce the following story from one Saturday morning in 1900 of a cow that went on a proper rampage through town. It is actually a cracking read…

An Exciting Street Scene In Wrexham!

A four year old cow was being driven from Smithfield at around 3pm when it took fright in Lambpit Street and rushed through the vegetable market.

When the cow reached Henblas Strees it charged at several persons who had to beat a hasty retreat, some finding refuge in the Public Hall. Afterwards the animal proceeded up Henblas Street and turned into Hope Street. It rushed along there and came into Church Street causing people to rush right and left.

The cow then turned down College Street, down Town Hill, along Bridge Street and up Pen Y Bryn. In its progress it knocked down two women but caused no serious injury.

Up Pen Y Bryn it charged a horse and cart causing the horse to start at an alarming pace. The cow’s movements now became the object of much interest. The animal broke one of its horns and when the blood began to flow it became more infuriated still. The cow turned around and after rushing along Brook Street where it lowered its head to a woman and child – who screamed and managed to escape – it turned into Abbot Street where a man with a brown bag attracted its attention.

He however speedily took to his heels. A large crowd followed in the wake of the affrightened animal and PS Salisbury, assisted by one or two constables endeavoured to stop the traffic in the hope that the cow might be captured.

Curiosity however impelled a large number of people to turn into Abbot Street and the animal charged at them after being startled afresh. It got again into Brook Street and through Pentrefelin. It made for a cyclist who after ringing his bell, dismounted and bolted.

Near the Bradley Road bridge it rushed at Mr Samnel, a post office clerk, and caused such injuries that he had to be taken to the Infirmary. It was afterwards found that his knee was dislocated, his collar bones broken and that he was otherwise bruised and shaken.

The unruly animal was at length captured by its owners.

Story first appeared in the Wrexham Advertiser on Saturday 31st March 1900.

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