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Council to Introduce ‘Zero Tolerance Approach’ to Littering & Dog Fouling

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Tuesday, Mar 8th, 2016.

Dog owners who refuse to clean up after their dogs foul and those who refuse to use a bin for their litter will be handed a £75.00 fine from April if they are caught.

The issue of dog fouling is one that has been raised several times over the past few months – with a number of focussed patrols enforced in some areas following a series of complaints back in January 2015.


Wrexham Council has awarded a contract to Kingdom for a 12 month trail to an environment protection company, to dish out fines to offenders.

From April 1st they will be on the streets and in the parks of the county borough as the council launches its zero tolerance towards the offenders.

Cllr David A. Bithell, Lead Member Environment and Transport said:

”Litter and dog fouling are two issues that are of concern to Wrexham residents particularly those who do use litter bins and pick up after their dogs. For many years now we have warned offenders that they face a fine but some still persist.

“We will now have a zero tolerance approach to the matter and Kingdom enforcement officers will be on our streets to issue fines to offenders.

“There will be no warnings issued as we believe the time has now come to clamp down hard in order to secure a cleaner, safer and greener Wrexham for everyone to enjoy.

“People who pick up after their dogs or don’t drop litter will have nothing to fear from these new arrangements”

In December 2015 Wrexham Council’s Executive Board approved proposals to call-in a private company to help crackdown with littering and dog fouling issues across the County Borough.

During last year’s it was noted that demands of the public, councillors and community councillors were not being met by current enforcement methods and that improvements were necessary.

Michael Fisher, Relationship Director with Kingdom, said:

”On behalf of Kingdom I would like to say how delighted we are to be working on behalf of Wrexham County Borough Council.

“It is our intention to work specifically in an Intelligence led manner focussing our patrols on litter and Dog Foul Hotspots provided to us by members of the community and of course our colleagues from Wrexham CBC.

“Kingdom staff have been providing and indeed developing this service for over seven years and we look to utilise the skills and experience we have gained, together with lessons learned to ensure we contribute in a positive manner to the overall objective of having cleaner streets and public places within the Borough.


We are extremely grateful to WCBC for allowing us this opportunity to work alongside them on this project.”

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