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Council Tease Over Local Olympian Celebrations

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Sep 5th, 2012.

At Tuesday night’s Town Centre Forum the Council teased members with an insight to plans for the celebration of Wrexham’s Olympians.

The details are still under wraps but it was made clear that they intend to hold a celebration for the success of the local olympians towards the end of this month.

We can deduce it will NOT be the 22nd of September, as we were told it wont clash with Wrexham Carnival. Cllr Neil Rogers said they are fixing a date for it very soon and “it’s going to be big”.

Cllr Rogers highlighted that much of the date fixing was dependent on the availability of the olympians themselves, with whom they have been talking to.

The Council were stressing that they couldnt say much more, but did keep mentioning “its going to be great” and “its going to be big” fuelling speculation to what is planned.

We wrote about the councils intentions last month to hold a ‘civic celebration’.

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