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Council Recommend Scrapping Stansty Tunnel One Way Scheme Idea

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Feb 1st, 2013.

The Council appear to have heard the ‘feedback’ from the people of Wrexham over a proposed one way system through the Stansty Tunnel. The trial during October last year caused traffic issues in and around town until it was aborted early.

The report that will be heard on Tuesday’s Executive Board meeting says “Feedback received through consultation with residents, businesses, emergency services and other interested parties indicated that there is little support for the permanent introduction of the one-way system and widening of the existing footway“.

One reason cited for this recommendation is the “Lack of support identified from the consultation exercise for the permanent implementation of the one-way traffic system and footway widening.

The report states the Council monitored traffic impacts, consulted with statutory consultees, residents, businesses, emergency services and other interested parties during the trial period.

Wrexham.com is aware of residents who live a stones throw away from the bridge / tunnel on Crispin Lane who have not been consulted on the issue almost literally on their doorstep.

The report contains information on the results of the traffic monitoring, revealing:

  • During the trial, the total daily pedestrian flows increased by 20% which represented 17% of all movements through the tunnel.
  • Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) under the bridge reduced by 31%.
  • Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) along Plas Coch Road reduced by 31%.
  • Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) along Stansty Chain Road passed the entrance to Plas Coch school reduced by 31%.
  • Increased traffic levels were observed along Mold Road, these are difficult to quantify and were distorted due to the temporary closure of the A5152 through Rhostyllen.

Further to this the report states a very round figure of 600 responses were received via the online consultation in addition to two signed petitions. Of the 600 responses received, another very round figure of 10% wanted the one-way system and footway improvements to remain a permanent feature.

Cllr Arfon Jones has commented saying “I welcome this common sense move to permanently restore Stansty Tunnel to a two-way road, this was never a goer and it caused major inconvenience and congestion to many drivers. This is an excellent example of grass roots democracy in action where hundreds of people expressed their opposition and succeeded in getting the Council to listen to them.

We cannot yet link you to the report as it is not online on the Council’s website.

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