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Complaints Over Llandegla Pub Bonfire Night Event (Video)

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Tuesday, Nov 6th, 2012.

Wrexham.com has been told of a bonfire night firework display at The Plough in Llandegla which has caused concern from several attendees.

Lindsey Rogers emailed to say “About 5-10 minutes into the firework display the organisers put a huge rocket into a plant pot without using the tube so the firework didn’t leave the ground and blew up and shot sparks into the crowd.

My five year old niece was hysterical so she was taken into the pub. My husband and sister in law remained outside and a rocket shot into the crowd and blew up underneath a car. People started running towards the pub with their children as a further 2-3 shot into the crowd and blew up right by them. My sister in law had my 9 year old nephew in her arms and one blew up right behind her.

These comments were mirrored on social networking websites, with Miles Mitchell saying “Thanks for nearly killing me with the monkeys you hired to throw fireworks onto the bonfire! Had a great time with holes in my trousers with a firework that literally blew up underneath me”

Emily Rayworth said ” Absolutely disgusting! The men were throwing used fireworks into the bonfire which then exploded into the crowd multiple times, children were screaming and people were being trampled running away!

Richard Rayworth added, “I can’t believe how dangerous this display was. As we ran away from the exploding bonfire that you threw fireworks onto, a firework exploded behind us in the crowd.

Another attendee Lauren Rowley said “Tonight was so scary, there was people pushing  each other all over the place trying to escape the fireworks exploding in the crowd after being thrown on the bonfire. There were so many children screaming and crying, people had been hit and had holes burnt through their clothes I just can’t believe it.

Karen Thewsey Small said “I have two traumatised children and a burnt leg. A rocket flew straight for us and burnt a hole in my trousers. Luckily we left before someone got seriously hurt.

George Hughes tweeted us to say:

11am Update: Steven Oldfield sent us the following video, saying “This is a video from last nights display where the rocket did not move and just blew up very close to us after that I just left. Just hope there was no casualties it shook me up I have to say. There was not much distance even between fireworks and crowd not a safe distance.

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