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Clampdown On Blue Badge Fraud

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Jun 16th, 2014.

Blue Badge Holders visiting Wrexham town centre should be prepared to have their details checked in the coming weeks as Council enforcement officers work to combat fraudulent/serious misuse of the Badge Scheme.

One aim of the operation is to raise awareness amongst Blue Badge Holders of the correct use of the Scheme. There is growing concern that people other than the named Badge Holder are intentionally misusing Badges.

The on-going operation will look to prevent the growing misuse of Badges to ensure that the intended benefits are available for genuine Blue Badge Holders.

Nationally, there are more than 2.5 million Blue Badges and it is recognised that a significant number of these are being used illegally by someone other than the Badge Holder which is estimated to cost the economy approximately £46 million each year.

In addition to being able to ask to inspect Blue Badges, the Council’s Enforcement Officers now have the powers to seize a Blue Badge if found to be fraudulent or the Scheme is being mis-used.

Cllr Ian Roberts, Lead Member for the Environment at Wrexham Council, says:”The Blue Badge Scheme is intended for people who would otherwise have genuine difficulties accessing the town centre.

“There is however misunderstanding of how the Scheme works and there is also abuse of the Scheme and we aim to stop this. The Council will use the full extent of the law to combat fraud or mis-use and prosecute offenders.”

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