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Chirk Dragon Still Asleep

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Dec 14th, 2012.

We were first to report on the new dragon on the Tesco Roundabout, which was then commented on in the local Town Centre Forum meeting – with an attached query about the progress of the ‘Chirk Dragon’.

The ‘Waking The Dragon’ project in Chirk gained planning consent in February last year, but appears to have gone quiet since. The plans are for a 23.5m (77ft) high dragon which will stand on top of a 41.5m (147ft) high tower – with the dragon itself having a 150 foot wingspan.

We followed up the query that was made at the Town Centre Forum and were told “Waking the Dragon – the proposal for a large Dragon sculpture at Chirk – is privately-sponsored by the Frank Wingett Cancer Appeal. Wrexham County Borough Council has granted planning permission for the project and has co-operated with the Appeal in offering to make available land at Chirk Park, subject to terms.”

“The Appeal has been in discussion with various heritage, arts and tourism bodies including The National Lottery to put together a funding package. Wrexham Council has not provided any funding but has offered its advice and support. Public consultation events in Chirk have indicated substantial local support for the project and the Council awaits news of progress from the Frank Wingett Cancer Appeal in raising the funding.”

The ‘latest news’ on the official site for the project dates back to 28th March 2011, and the @wakingthedragon twitter account was last updated on March 3rd 2011 – however with tweets on speed networking rather than anything project specific.

On the official Facebook page John Hughes asks “WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THIS PROJECT IS IT BEING BUILT OR WHAT?” echoed by Tim Huckabay who said “What is the status on this project? Has construction begun, or even finished?” – both earlier this year to no reply.

It appears safe to say the dragon is still asleep.

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