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Burst Pipe Fires Water 10ft In The Air Closing Wrexham Road

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Feb 27th, 2012.

Water fires into the air as a result of a burst water pipe next to Farmfoods in Wrexham. Picture by Emma Tattum.

A burst water pipe shooting a 10ft high jet of water into the air has flooded a Wrexham road causing traffic to be diverted this afternoon.

The major leak occurred next to the Farmfoods store just off Kingsmill Road in Hightown shortly after 2pm with the leaking water firing above the height of an average house.

Kingsmill Road remains open, but traffic is unable turn in to Newton Street, and has been diverted via Whitegate Road and St Johns Road with temporary roadworks put in place.

Wrexham.com follower Emma Tattum (@MiniEMZ86) alerted us to the situation shortly after it happened and sent in the picture featured above.

@Purplestar21 sent in a video showing just how high the water reached which can be viewed below.

Barry Jarvis (@barryjarvis) also witnessed the scene, he said: “10ft fountain of water streaming out of the road by farm foods in Hightown. Temp roadworks/diversion put in place.”


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