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A planning application has revealed that a new tenant due to arrive at Eagles Meadow will be Burger King.

The application states it is for a ‘New Burger King roundel internally illuminated and new built up lettering’ on the front of an existing shop unit, elsewhere stated to be Unit 30 in Eagles Meadow. This unit was the former Listers store, which closed down in July.

At the time we reported how Listers had said that they enjoyed trading in Wrexham , and overall business was ‘booming’, and they commented “We were told last week by our landlord that a well known high street chain have taken over our store in Wrexham”.

burker king store layout 500x389 Burger King Coming To Eagles Meadow

Home to Whoppers. Apparently.


Above is the proposed detailed layout of the restaurant, which when opened will mean Eagles Meadow will boast a range of food outlets including the M&S Cafe, Frankie and Benny’s, Pizza Express, Nandos and the Real China Buffet. Debenhams,  Starbucks, Tenpin, Greggs and Costa also serve various food and drinks.

We have also heard a rumour locally that Sainsbury’s could be interested in a ‘Sainsbury’s Local’ store in Eagles Meadow, however we have been unable to get comment on this.