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‘Bomb Scare’ Closes Town Centre Shop (Updated)

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Mar 10th, 2014.

We have been sent a picture of the ‘device’ that caused a town centre shop evacuation on Saturday.

The Exchange told us: “It is a second world war cluster bomb that was used for training in accordance to the Ministry Of Defence.

“The Bomb has since been taken from the shop and police now have it in the possession with the intent of destroying it”.

Original Story From Saturday Below…
The Exchange shop was closed on Lord Street this afternoon, we are told due to a customer attempting to get an item valued that appeared to be potentially explosive.

The Exchange store is a pawnbroker and it is believed in the course of normal business the scare occurred, with sources telling us there was initial concern but now ‘its nothing to worry about’.

A person from a nearby shop told us they had been told that a member of the public had brought in an older item to be valued, which staff believed could be potentially ‘live’.

Sadie sent us this picture from earlier in the afternoon as police responded.

Sadie sent us this picture from earlier in the afternoon as police responded.

Another has told us that it is locally rumoured that the item looked like a ‘World War Two bomb’, with staff apprehensive on how to deal with it.

Currently there the shutters are down on the shop, and several policemen are outside.

We are awaiting official comment and clarification on what has occurred, and will update as and when we know more.

UPDATE 7:20pm: We have not been able to get any official updates, however we have just popped past the shop and it appears any response to any incident is over as there is not a soul in sight!

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