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Beat The January Blues at Wrexham Library

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Jan 2nd, 2013.

Feeling downhearted after the Christmas festivities? Then come along to Wrexham Library and find an exciting read to help you through the January blues.

There is Thomas Hardy’s classic A Pair of Blue Eyes. Written in 1876 it tells the tale of blue-eyed high spirited Elfride who has little worldly experience and becomes entangled with two men.

For something to get the pulse racing try the fantasy novel Blue Moon by Lori Handeland. By the light of the blue moon danger prowls in Miniwa, it is under siege, but not by the usual summer tourists. The area’s normally shy wolf population have begun stalking human prey. Something is happening in the woods. Something no one can explain and desire is unleashed.

Offering illusions and false trails is A L Kennedy’s The Blue Book. Elizabeth is crossing the Atlantic on a liner with her boyfriend. Fleeing the past and her ex-lover Arthur, the man who helped her dupe the vulnerable into believing loved ones were trying to make contact from beyond the grave. But there’s a secret she’s kept from Arthur, a deception about the two of them that threatens to emerge when Elizabeth discovers Arthur’s presence on the boat.

So whether your choice is a classic, a fantasy novel or a mystery you’re sure to find a good read at Wrexham Library to help you escape the January blues.

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