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Bauble Bashing at Eagles Meadow

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Nov 14th, 2012.

Eagles Meadow have put up their impressive Christmas decorations which includes jazzing up the bridge which connects the town centre to the development. On this there are strings of baubles connected by wire to festive greenery. Somehow it appears that the baubles are coming loose and ending up on the streets, walkways and car parks below.

We first noticed some baubles shattered on the floor a couple of days ago, however they were soon cleared. Yesterday it seemed the problem reoccurred, and this morning there were several more – not only on the street below the bridge but in the Wynnstay carpark and walkway up to the town centre.

Broken baubles with sharp edges in the road – some appeared to be run over or stamped on.

Some of the baubles were smashed, either from the drop or due to the ‘ground in’ nature of the remnants appeared to be run over by the car. A couple of the baubles were located behind brick pillars in the Eagles Meadow loading bay area and we would guess it is impossible for them to bounce freely there of their own accord.

Kevin Critchley, Manager of the Eagles Meadow complex, thanked us for giving them a heads up and said he would check his baubles!

Local trader Cliff Ottley-Thistlethwaite from InkXperts said “Its good that Eagles-Meadow have & are making efforts to celebrate Christmas with decorations but a shame some people spoil it for the majority.”

The location of some of the baubles would indicate they have not bounced there!

Mr Ottley-Thistlethwaite also raised concerns that due to the low value nature of anti social behaviour that such crimes may not be reported or followed up. Reassuringly Eagles Meadow confirmed that they report any instances of criminal activity however minor to the police. They did point out though that if the police investigate or the Crown Prosecution Service act is a different matter.

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