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New Baker Sets Stall Out In Butchers Market

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Sep 10th, 2012.

Today Wrexham.com popped along to the new stall selling artisan bakery goods that has opened in the Butchers Market, on the right hand side as you enter from High St opposite the butchers stall.

The cliché is a picture is worth 1000 words, and going by the pictures of the cakes & bread we would agree as they look delicious!

However for those who want more information… this is the second Monday that Malcolm & Jackie from the Tattenhall Bread Partnership have opened in Wrexham and will be open every Monday & Saturday.

All the bread is baked fresh on the day, and is collected roughly 8am and is in Wrexham for sale just after 9am!

They are hoping to do more however also have a stall at markets in Nantwich & Whitchurch so have to fit those in, but with the takeup in Wrexham in such a short space of time Wednesday mornings are also being considered. Malcolm is from Tattenhall, and spent much of his life working in London however has returned to the area.

Mentioning Veronica Roberts, the Market Manager, Malcolm said “Veronica who runs the market has been a great great help, and helped us with sorting this spot and its a great opportunity”.

We asked ‘why Wrexham?’ he told us “I have always felt Wrexham is a good shopping place, people come to Wrexham to shop.”

Malcolm said they are looking to be in the market until Christmas ‘for sure’ , and invites people to pop in on Mondays and Saturdays to try his bread!

There are now Butchers & Bakers in the Butchers Market – so Wrexham is on the lookout for a Candlestick maker!

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