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Application For New Town Takeaway Looks Set To Be Granted

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Jan 6th, 2014.

A new takeaway shop looks set to be given the go ahead, despite being within 400 metres of three primary schools.

The planning proposals, which have been submitted by Mr Bekir Bozlak, will go before the Council’s Planning Committee later on tonight. It is proposed that the Audio Ltd shop on Ruabon Road is converted into a takeaway.

If successful the takeaway would be open from 3pm – 11pm on Monday – Saturday and 3pm – 10:30pm on Sundays.

The application is recommended to be granted, despite the takeaways location. The the proposals go against the Council’s ‘planning guidance’ which states that hot food should not be located within 400 metres of the boundary of a school. The proposed site is within 400m of 3 primary schools: St Giles Primary School, Poplar Road, St Mary’s Catholic School, Lea Road and Victoria School, Poyser Street but is also within the Penybryn District Shopping Centre.

Back in 2011 a report was passed that restricted fast food outlets and takeaways from opening in close proximity to Wrexham schools. Figures included in the report revealed that 25% of children aged 8-9 in Wrexham’s schools are either overweight or obese, with obesity figures for adults in Wrexham standing at 54%.

You can read our initial report here.

However the report also states that ‘hot food takeaways may be acceptable within non-principle shopping streets in the town centre and district shopping centers.’

The application goes on to state that each of the schools listed above are already 400 metres of one or more takeaways. Adding “It is therefore doubtful whether refusing permission for this
development would have significant impact in terms of limiting children’s access to takeaways.”

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