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Application For 50 Apartments On Rivulet Road

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Jan 22nd, 2014.

A new residential development consisting of 50 apartments could be built in Wrexham if a planning application is given the go ahead.

It is proposed that the apartments are built on vacant scrubland land that lies south of Bentley Place on Rivulet Road.

The development would be one of many new developments to be built on the site over the past few years.

In total the development would consist of 31 one bedroom apartments and 19 two bedroom apartments. 50 parking spaces, including five disabled spaces would be allocated to the apartment.

The apartments themselves would have a modern exterior, with materials including red multi facing brick, uPVC door and window frames and a stack bonded, grey brick.

External lighting would also be provided to the access route and the external areas of the site.

A number of challenges with the proposed site are listed in an accompanying Design and Access Statement, including a level change of around 9m across the north facing slope and the properties that surround the land. These include the traditional housing on St John’s Road and the more recent developments that lie to the north of the site.

Due to this it is stated in the Design and Access Statement that “their impact in terms of height is limited to that of a two story dwelling on those adjacent properties to the south along St John’s Road.”


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