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A483 Wrexham Bypass Crash

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Sep 24th, 2012.

We have further details on the A483 crash at 8:54am this morning, which required 3 appliances from Wrexham to attend.

Two people were involved and had to be released from their car by the fire rescue service.

They are apparently ok but were taken to hospital. The incident occured on the Northbound A483 Gresford hill, with a car leaving the carraigeway despite a barrier in place.

The A483 was down to one lane as the barrier was fixed and the verge tidied up, and we assume drain fixed:

This evening the driver of the car has got in touch with Wrexham.com, sending in the top picture of his car saying he thought the crash was “caused due to a blocked drain causing the road to flood”.

He told us he has neck, shoulder and bruising to his chest from the airbag deploying, plus a “bump on my head”.


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