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A483 Southbound Nr Rhostyllen Closed After Car Hits Back Of Lorry

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Sunday, Jun 10th, 2012.

<i>This was a live updated story so scroll down for the latest information</i>

A car was caught under the back of a lorry after a crash on the A483 near Rhostyllen yesterday afternoon.

The collision took place in a layby on the southbound carriageway shortly before 4pm.

The front end of the car was reported to be crushed in the collision with one follower saying it looked “non existent”.

Fire crews and police are believed to be on the scene trying to a free a male driver from the vehicle.

The bypass is currently closed from junction three with traffic queuing back as far as Bersham and beginning to back up further towards Berse Lane.

Llinos Egan alerted us to the situation via our @wrexham Twitter account, she said: “Car gone into back of lorry on A483 layby past Rhostyllen sb looks bad, police and fire on route…hope all ok.”

Adam Ramsey added: “Horrific accident on A483. Car looks like it has gone straight under a lorry”.

16:50 Update: There is a car on its roof and more emergency services are arriving.

17:05 Update: We have taken a trip around and the impact on local roads is significant with delays in Johnstown / Rhostyllen and the surrounding area. It appears the car involved has flipped, and there are still lots of emergancy services on scene – police, fire and ambulances.

17:25 Update: Pictures of the queues and fire services on scene below:

17:45 Update: Eyewitness Ally Owen told us “Just went over bypass by Bersham heritage centre and could see lorry and car in layby. Car looked squished (red car) and skid marks. Looks like car roof on side, may be cut off. Strange as looks like car may have skidded into lay by. Certainly looks nasty.”

Update 18:30: We have been sent in the following image of the aftermath of the incident from Speediecars.

19:45 update: Wales Ambulance Service issued a statement saying “We were called at 3.35pm on Sunday to an accident involving a car and a lorry. “As a result of the incident a man aged in his 60s has been taken to the Maelor Hospital in Wrexham with serious multiple injuries”.

20:40 Update: A483 Southbound has reopened.

Monday Noon Update: We are told that the man involved has suffered hip and leg injuries however is expected to recover over time. We have also spoken to an eyewitness of the actual crash, who told us they saw the car involved ‘veer off the road at speed with no signs of stopping‘ . They went on to say ‘There was suddenly a huge crunching sound and then the car was underneath the lorry‘ they then pulled over to assist and reported that the drivers head was  ‘literally inches from the back of the lorry and appeared unconcious‘.



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