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52 Hour Radio Marathon Begins On Calon FM

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Tuesday, Apr 2nd, 2013.

At 10am this morning two local radio presenters began their charity radio marathon.

Josh Collins, 16 and Adam Stewart , 17 both from Wrexham will be live on Calon FM for the next 52 hours in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. The radio duo, who are the hosts of the weekly ‘Late Night Urban Beatz’ and ‘Chart Show’ decided to organise the event when the headteacher of their high school suffered a sarcoma on his face.

“He’s one of them guys;  I wasn’t best in school and he was my mentor. He is was one of those overall nice guys”, said Josh.

Before they went on air, Wrexham.com caught up with them for a quick chat with them.

What made you decide to do the show over 52 hours?

Adam -Josh has always wanted to do something big on the radio. Originally I thought 30 hours would be our max.

Josh – I’m a big fan of Radio 1 and loved Chris Moyles on the old Breakfast Show.

Adam – He did 52 so we will, although Josh wanted to do 53 and beat him. We did want to see if we could break a world record.

Josh – I contacted The Guinness Book Of Records, and the record for community radio station is currently 72 hours. We’re happy with 52 hours, we’re only 16 so it’s going to be tough.

Adam -If we match Chris Moyles it would be good.

How are you feeling about doing the show? Have the nerves kicked in yet?

Adam – Yes. I’m nervous about the interaction and if people will get involved with us. I just hope the community jump on board, and ring in or email with messages of support.

Josh- I’m not too nervous.

Adam – You have been.

Josh – I’ve been hosting for a long time, the hosting is OK. Its a new audience, and I hope they like us. I just hope people are there with us. People don’t realise it’s a tough thing to stay awake all night for 2 days straight. Well longer, it’s 52 hours we need support. Kath and Amy from Calon have been great. Started planning in December, and it’s suddenly it’s here. It all goes to Kath and Amy really, they’ve done a lot for us. It’s been a good planning process.

Are you prepared sleep wise? How many hours did you have last night?

Adam – Josh put on Facebook at 9 that this was the earliest he had ever been to bed, and I woke up and had notifications off him at midnight.

Josh- I’ll tell you my story, I was at home watching TV and was like, ‘Oh no I’ve got so much to do. I’ve got to my sort my bag out and pack’. I went to bed about midnight. I’m not a sleeper to be honest, so I’m ready. Adam isn’t so ready. Once we get past tiredness it will be fine.

Adam – I went to bed early but couldn’t sleep, there was so much running through my head.

Do you have any sleep shifts planned or anything to keep yourselves awake?

Josh- We have a maximum hour break at a time for sleep or shower. I’d rather have a shower than sleep. I’ve got a lot of clothes with me. I’ve got like seven bags with me.

Adam – Yeah but they’re more like power naps, but we’ll take it in turns.

What can listeners expect to hear over the next 52 hours?

Adam – The days are pretty much full of guests.

Josh – We’ve got a recording studio downstairs, so on Wednesday we have a few bands coming in. Tonight we have 3 studio sessions with some singers coming in. That’s at 6pm, 9pm and 10pm. There’s also DJ’s, and Tom the finalist from Wrexham who was on ‘Got to Dance’ is coming in.

Adam- There’s also some comedians on Wednesday we have a yoga teacher and personal trainer coming in who are going to teach us something hopefully.

Josh – We also have Focus Wales and Central Station. It’s all community stuff. There’s also a magician on Wednesday.

Adam – A magician on radio is going to be interesting.

Josh – The presenters from Calon are going to help out as well, it’s packed. I’ve also got a quiz idea to send Adam and Kerry out around town, they don’t know this yet. I’m going to give them 5 questions each about the town centre with collection tins. Then make them race to town and race back.

Adam – I’m  bit scared. lived here my whole life and don’t know much about it.

Do you have any competitions over the next few days?

Josh-  We’ve got a balloon ride from Virgin.

Adam – We’ve also been in touch with Sam Warburton and sorted out a quiz with him. He sent us a signed rugby ball to auction off as well.

When do you think the tiredness will hit you?

Adam – I think about 4am. We’ve got a busy day and we’ve got things to fill, but middle of morning.

Josh – No one is really coming in during the night shifts. I mean they can if they want, but the listening ratio will be a massive drop. It will just people working or driving home.

Adam – Or our hardcore fans.

Josh – We have tea, coffee and energy drinks though. And about 2 litres of water. I’m in my own zone with it.

Adam- I’ve never seen you in your own zone. I’ve been trying to get a reality check to Josh to tell him it isn’t going to be easy.

Josh – It will hit me and will hit me hard, it’s just knowing when it will hit me. But me and Adam we will be arguing by 12pm.

Adam – We’ve been friends since we were 6 months old, we’ll be fine. I know we’ll be friends afterwards, so just don’t take it personally.

Have you got people from the town supplying food for you?

Josh – Today we’re having lunch from La Baguette so shout out and thanks to them. Then 4pm, Bistro Imagina are coming in. At 8pm we are having a free Dominoes pizza. Then at 8am tomorrow La Baguette are supplying us with some breakfast then lunch again from Bistro Imagina. Tomorrow, I want a drum roll for this. At 7pm we are having a Nando’s then 10pm another Dominoes for the bands and stuff.

Adam – I’ve never had a Nando’s. I hope I like it, I like chicken but not spice. I could a bite by bite review.

How much are you hoping to raise for the Teenage Cancer Trust?

Adam – I’d be happy with a £1000 but depends how much the schools get involved. There are two schools doing an own clothes day, so if they go ahead it would be good.

Josh – I’m hoping for £2000-3000 pounds. I’ve been working on this since December, the ‘Chart Show’ has become our meeting time. I’m scared, I mean after this what am I going to do next.

Have you been surprised by the level of support that you have received?

Adam – Definitely. I wasn’t sure how friends would react at first, but they’ve been really supportive.  The good thing is i think its the only charity to tackle the problem in the UK for teenagers.

Josh – It’s for charity and it affects us. My friend had cancer and it just hits home. Everyone knows someone who had been affected, it affects every single person. With me i’ts affected family and friends, and I’m sure it has with everyone in Wrexham and the rest of the world. Teenage Cancer Trust helps people of that age. If you’re ill you want to be on a ward with people your own age.

Adam – It gives teenagers the chance to do stuff that they normally do. With Teenage Cancer Trust everyone in the ward is suffering a similar illness so you can talk to them and help eachother, otherwise you’re on a ward with people with other illnesses.

Josh – In my opinion it’s one of the best cancer charities in the UK. This was the main focus one, and it’s worked out really well.


To donate to Teenage Cancer Trust, visit the Calon FM website and click the Radio Marathon Banner for further information. Or text SHOW 52 and the amount you’d like to donate.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/calonmarathon

Twitter: @MartahonShow

You can listen to Josh and Adam during the marathon on Calon FM until 2pm on Thursday afternoon.



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