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368 applications have been received by Wrexham Council for voluntary early retirement or voluntary redundancy following a ‘workforce wide’ invitation.

From the 368 applications some were retracted by staff members, not supported or did not meet Council criteria.

Overall 54 people were accepted, with total annual savings of £1.8 million detailed in this document being put before the Executive Board of the Council next week. The net cost of the voluntary early retirement, or voluntary redundancy, will be £1.7 million.

The Assets & Economic Development department along with Adult Social Care see the highest number of posts going, with 14 and 16 respectively.

The document is a revision of the 2014-15 Revenue Budget that we reported on last month, and at the meeting (full report here) it was highlighted there was not enough detail:

One issue raised with the report that was echoed by many Councillors was over the lack of specifics and detail in areas of the consultation.

Cllr Morris suggested wording of some elements of the report were not clear, for example ‘non payment of inflation to all non-residential service providers’, with the inference being that Councillors may not be understanding the meaning of a single line description.

Cllr King responded: “If members don’t feel they have enough information then please ask the relevant officers. I agree some of the items are not as informative as they should be.”

Today’s revision of the report does not appear to flesh out such items any further.

The consultation on the budget proposals remains open until 11 December and the Council is encouraging people to participate by completing the questionnaire which can be found at It is also possible to email or write in to Tell Us What You Think, 3rd Floor Annexe, The Guildhall,
Wrexham LL11 1AY