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Wrexham Lager

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, May 30th, 2011.

Wrexham Lager was initially set up in 1881 by two German immigrants Ivan Levinstein and Otto Isler.

The two tried to recreate the taste of their local lager and they first started brewing in 1882.

They first started to experience success in 1922 when Wrexham Lager bought the Cross Foxes in Abbot Street and the freeholds of several other pubs in town bringing their tied outlets to 23.

The company brewed continuously for 120 years before then owners Carlsberg stopped brewing it in 2000 and by 2003 the iconic brewery buildings where Central Retail Park now stands had been demolished signalling the end of an era.

In 2001 Martyn Jones who was MP for Clwyd South at the time bought the rights of Wrexham Lager from Carsberg for £1.

Despite several interested parties coming forward no progress on reviving it was made until a chance meeting between Ian Dale, former head brewer of Wrexham Lager and local businessman Mark Jones at the Buck House in Bangor-on-Dee in 2009.

It was officially launched at the Buck House on 29th October 2011 and has since gone on to achieve great success, being stocked at a large number of local pubs.

The recipe has returned to the original Wrexham Lager recipe and is 4% ABV after locals complained that the taste was run down by the time Carlsberg stopped brewing it.

The company has a new logo and the lager is exclusively sold in pubs.

They also have a brewery with state of the art equipment on the site of the old Beast Market on St George’s Crescent.

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