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    They’ve had to draft in some ‘Cymru Coastliners’ – these have wifi etc but no announcements.

    I imagine they usually go along somewhere on the N Wales Coast, not sure where but if the Sapphires have been breaking down then i’m glad they haven’t just subbed in some of the old single deckers!

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    No idea there was even a cinema there? Do the guys at Saith Seren want to turn it into extra drinking space? Could be good for gigs/showing Rugby.

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    Really enjoyed the Food Festival last year, well worth a trip. Had great weather for it so that definitely helped!

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    Finally got wifi to work consistently this morning. It does drop off in Rossett/Pulford as the article says though.

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    Fair play re the on board announcements, I can drown them out with my headphones so longs I’m not right under a speaker.

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    Couldnt get the free wifi to work – the log in page wouldnt load up for me.

    Also the on board announcements get a little tedious with a stop every 30 seconds pretty much until you get past Rossett.

    Seats were nice though.

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    Hopefully they’ll use them in the mornings for us long suffering commuters!

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    Im a Tesco loyalist – they suckered me in with clubcard points.

    in reply to: Wrexham Lager #54963

    I liked it

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