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    Wonderful News – TJ’s former building to house Techniquest, what an opportunity to ensure the filling of the remaining stalls at Ty Pawb – The Hadron Collider stall, the Space Debris Stall, the Intersteller Satellite Stall, the Moondust Stall, these are bound to appeal to the other 0.000000001% of the Wrexham population and justify the £4.5 million set up costs and the annual £300K running costs (Bershams complete council tax revenue) !

    Vote the Councillors out.

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    Let’s merge two of the headline topics on this week. The ‘Grand Opening’ of Ty Pawb and also the reported fact that Wrexham (along with Cardiff) has the highest Rough Sleepers/Homeless numbers in Wales. What do we get when we merge these topics – “The Ty Pawb Day-Care Centre”.
    The Council have provided a £4.5 million day care centre for the homeless where they can leave the night shelters and streets and keep dry, warm and clean during the day whilst admiring the ‘art’ in Ty Pawb . If they bring their bedding with them, they will provide art to match the highly regarded Unmade Bed of Tracy Emmin. In fact, given the much publicised “Statues of King Street”, a completely new human art-form could be established at Ty Pawb much to the envy of Altrincham !
    With the PC status of the world today, which councillors or council officials will deny access? Are they (the people) to be deprived of the cultural jewels that Ty Pawb promises?

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    Unfortunately, Liz Jackson, you have Councillors disease, not reading or choosing to understand what is written. I appreciate that my views on Ty Pawb may be mine and mine alone and that is why I have repeatedly asked to speak to normal people in the street and report their views. are always keen to promote Ty Pawb by talking to market stall holders and reporting their views, however, these have a vested interest in the project. It is the man in the street that will determine the success or failure of this project and how much it will cost constituents – man, woman, child, the able and the disabled. I like, however my request to promote a balanced view, including public opposition to the project is not unreasonable – not one word of public opposition has been reported. In a wide spectrum of people known to me, from all ages, I have heard no one speak in favour of this vanity project given the background of the cuts the council are imposing (proposing) along with their ‘justifiable ‘ increases in council tax. Where was I during the elections? Every Mighty Oak begins with an Acorn and the seed needs to be sown….

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    Another ducking of the question. You spoke with market traders and others (?) but again ducked the question regarding the views of the ‘normal people in the street’. Your time would have been more productively spent speaking to the people who will be feeding the White Elephant not hoping to profit from its spectacle.
    Where was I ? Too busy working, trying to make ends meet to pay the ever increasing Council Tax and general taxes to fund the “elephant” and its upkeep.

    I have learnt that it is a waste of time talking to Councillors who generally do exactly what their particular group want, irrespective of its popularity or common sense. On infrequent occasions, they do stand up for what is popular and right, e.g. not building more houses, only to be undemocratically beaten back and blackmailed by threats from the Council and in turn the Welsh government.

    Only direct Public action will see a change – Boycott Ty Pawb and teach them a lesson. The recriminations will be a spectacle to behold !

    in reply to: Fake News – – Ty Pawb #143839

    Nice try i.e, “we have asked ‘this question and that question’ and the answers are ‘here and there’ mainly from incompetent councillors. You didn’t answer the ‘get off your butt’ question re. speaking to people in the street with the question – “DO YOU SUPPORT WREXHAM COUNCIL SUPPORTING THE SPENDING OF £4.5 MILLION ON AN ARTS CENTRE IN THE TOWN – THE FUTURE RUNNING COSTS OF WHICH WILL FALL UPON COUNCIL TAX PAYERS”.

    Ty Pawb must be boycotted by normal people to teach the Councillors a lesson that they will not repeat i.e, Act democratically in the interest of the majority. Councillors vanity projects will NOT be supported. We are WREXHAM not Altrincham.

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    “why appoint a chief executive when the real power is held by a bunch of half wits?”

    I think you’re being a bit generous with the “half” !

    in reply to: West Midlands Ambulance in Rhos #143804

    The first step is to get our weak-livered council to stand up to the Welsh Government and tell them straight – No More New Houses will be approved until services are brought up to a standard that can withstand the increase in population that these generate. It is ridiculous to promote population growth with the current pressure on,
    Hospitals, Ambulance Service, Schools, Doctors & Surgeries, Dentists and Roads. someone has to stand up to the welsh Government, whatever the cost…. SAY NO TO ANY MORE NEW HOUSEs

    in reply to: Ty Pawb Market Stall Charges. #143674

    It appears that Wrexham Council are the last in the country to recognise that Markets are finished. Markets used to offer good value for money – now we have other markets of which the traditional markets cannot compete. What markets ? Poundland, 99p shop, Pound World and Primark. £4.5 million wasted, a millstone around the neck of council tax payers for many years. We must vote the councillors out – the lot of them, they are all complicit in this costly, undemocratic shambles. It is pointless to say that we should boycott TyPawb, its uselessness and unpopularity will achieve this aim without any conscious decisions from the normal People. Prospective stall holders beware !

    in reply to: Is this Planet Earth ? #143144

    You are right but it is one pound put into a machine at un-light remote locations – what will happen to these machines and how many pounds will it cost for initial installation, upkeep, maintenance, repair and replacement ? This will produce a net annual loss, adding no profit and discouraging park usage. I previously thought Bithell had a modicum of common sense – particularly given his professional history – however I was wrong and the people of Wrexham now have to suffer the consequences.

    in reply to: New hole in Ty Pawb finances #141848

    It can’t be a surprise that this white elephant is going to cost more and this is just the tip of the iceberg. With 100% of us affected by increasing council tax and 90% affected by cuts to services, how the council and councillors can think that this white elephant project (which will be to the use and benefit of only 1% of constituents) can justify the costs and on-going costs is a mystery. What we have to do is get rid of the majority of the sitting councillors and replace them with intelligent, practical thinking councillors who will stand up to the overpaid hierarchy of the council. We, the majority, should direct the council – we pay your inflated wages.

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