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    Well – you are not presenting a balanced view. The only largely representative views are in the many Posts – even the Wrexham Leader presented the truth yesterday when they reported that the Council were struggling to lease the stalls with only 6 weeks to go to the ‘Grand Opening’ – What did report – NOTHING and even refuted ‘fake news’ allegations – Not to report actuality, and to manipulate the facts is, in itself, fake news. The council made an obvious cry for help – you did not understand it, or report it. I fear that even the opening of their back passage will not assist the take up of stalls or (as another participant has pointed out) the food concessions.

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    Unfortunately Atkinson is niaive, he thinks he has been brought in to ‘clean the windows’, so he can look out and see what the people of Wrexham really want! Unfortunately he has been set up as the ‘fall guy’ when Ty Pawb bonks. Rogers has seen the writing on the wall and has ‘fallen on his sword’ – getting out while the going is good. Who will be the next to go? In the meantime we will suffer Atkinson’s much publicised smile, with only him failing to see the sniggers (and relief) behind his back…

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    Well said Jimbow – no time for weasely words from the Council. They are panicking, the project is failing to inspire all but a few. They are now throwing money and effort to try and rescue its inevitable demise. seem to be co-conspiritors in this by only publishing the councils ‘fake good news’ that all is Rosy – the rosy-ness may reflect the councillors faces as the Grand Opening of Ty Pawb and its back passage approaches…

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    Unfortunately, the facts indicate the project is failing to inspire the traders of the town, there is no queue to take the stalls. Empty spaces will result in the project failing. Markets are of yesterday and the vast emptiness of town, particularly in the region of the old TJ’s, indicates that this section of town is also not popular. It can be of no surprise that ‘high status’ stalls are not being taken – It would be a very short journey to bankruptcy.

    In answer to ‘bubbles’ question – I cannot answer who would take over if the councillors went. The candidates who could offer foresight, would canvass public opinion and deliver a popular multi-million pound project are already gainfully and professionally employed and have no need for an ego trip as may be envisaged by the publicised window cleaner, fireman, barber, hairdresser, signalman or mechanic. If any of these had the necessary skills they would have commercially succeeded already. Perhaps the Council shares the responsibility in allowing the councillors to pursue Ty Pawb via the back passage. My “fake news” as you call it was a prophecy which the very next day turned out to be true, as will my other predictions – unfortunately you don’t have to be any sort of genius to predict Ty Pawb’s failure – my sorrow is limited to the waste of our money. I am very sorry to burst your bubble but facts are facts, either now or in the future…..

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    The Council won’t visibly let the project fail even if they (i.e. we) have to pay people to take the stalls. It would be interesting to know how much the Council (i.e. we) are paying Techniquest & their new landlords in order for the Councillors to save face? You only have ‘read between the lines’ to see the panic rapidly spreading in the Council and their councillors with less than 2 months to go to the grand failing, sorry opening. The panic to get Techniquest in TJ’s, the panic to ask for stallholders. What about the rest of that empty street and the already empty market ? The panic must be spreading like a plague….. Remember, every panic move is costing us money – throwing good money after bad….

    The next announcement will be that the council have taken a few stalls for citizens advice, Wrexham tourism, National Trust, Council Feedback etc.. Remember you heard it here first……..

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    Michael Hunt Wrote –

    There is a window cleaner looking after youth service, a railway signal worker on environment, a hairdresser on childrens services, a mechanic on planning, and Biffa Bacon in overall control. All very worthy professions in their own right ( Biffa excepted) but do they really have the knowledge required?

    And we wonder why Ty Pawb is failing – A project voted for by councillors that think they have ‘arrived’, i.e. “The working class can kiss my a**e, I’ve got the Councillors job at last” and they have now joined the very small arty group to further improve their status and standing in society…. Unfortunately, hard working normal people will have to pay the price in cuts and increased council tax.

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    Farkwittery firstly you must control your enthusiasm – it is obvious that don’t like the facts but you must not sink to low levels of abuse – even in relation to councillors! If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all.

    You may wish to patronise Ty Pawb along with 9 or 10 others, so I think its only fair to the majority of us that the 10 of you pay £450,000 each for the privilege and £30,000 each per annum for its upkeep and running. I will continue to use the Country Parks and will have to pay £1, I am not asking you for a contribution to my parking. Unfortunately, the many thousands of families with kids will ultimately have to pay £5 per visit to fund the failing Ty Pawb project, so get your cheque book out ! Ask yourself the honest question – would you take a stall in Ty Pawb ?
    I think not !

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    The Wrexham leader reported today:

    Ty Pawb – Stallholders wanted at Wrexham’s new arts hub

    How prophetic my words of yesterday predicting that the Council had no takers for the stalls in the rapidly failing Ty Pawb project – who in their right mind would invest their money in an arts project in Wrexham ? It must be said that the rich people of Altringham, upon whom this project was modelled on, will refuse to travel to see our homeless in every shop doorway?

    The councillors must take full responsibility and accountability – I can see more lemmings leaping into the abyss when even they realise that the project is failing before the white elephant is completed.

    Unfortunately, it took intelligence, local knowledge and foresight to reach this conclusion.

    Vote the Councillors Out.

    in reply to: Tŷ Pawb (merged mega thread) #144355 have reported “Bithell points out ‘if we do not generate income in one way, we will have to cut services’.

    They, our esteemed Councillors are spending and estimated £300k per annum running Ty Pawb and £100k on the opening day alone – how does this fit with Bithell’s statement above, which was made today. Ty Pawb, A vanity project to puff out the chests of councillors at our collective expense. We will follow Northampton’s bankrupt model, that is the only thing that will save us from these councillors.

    Vote the councillors out.

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    Wonderful News – TJ’s former building to house Techniquest, what an opportunity to ensure the filling of the remaining stalls at Ty Pawb – The Hadron Collider stall, the Space Debris Stall, the Intersteller Satellite Stall, the Moondust Stall, these are bound to appeal to the other 0.000000001% of the Wrexham population and justify the £4.5 million set up costs and the annual £300K running costs (Bershams complete council tax revenue) !

    Vote the Councillors out.

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