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    There has to be something wrong when a Deeside pensioner who has paid NI & Taxes for 40 years is refused referred treatment in Chester when a 3 month European immigrant can get referred there for treatment in preference to the fully paid up pensioner. That’s why the majority voted for Brexit, a fact lost on MP Lucas who knows better – The only time he will be going to London after the next election is on his holidays !

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    The Governments (UK & Wales) seem to be inflicting house building on a massive scale saying there is a need ? There may be 20 people on the streets of Wrexham and others elsewhere but these are never going to be able to get one of these new houses. So, where are the proposed occupants of these houses living now ? To encourage population growth, each person and house with a carbon footprint, cannot be in the interests of climate change prevention. The Welsh government have imposed the 50mph limit on the by-pass, yet encourage another 1000+ cars to the region (and by-pass) by house building. All this and no improvements to Roads, Schools, Dentists and with the Hospital having the longest waiting times.

    It is time for civil disobedience ! The council can play their part by frustrating the process of builders on projects that have gone to appeal. This can be achieved by the absolute enforcement of all regulations, preventing timely road closures, strictly enforcing planning conditions (i.e. number of affordable homes/play areas etc), This action will discourage appeals against un-democratic projects. (look what Brexit remainers have done to a democratic decision). The message will be sent – APPEAL with great caution, democracy will intervene.

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    Totally agree with the original post. The Committee should again make a stand for their constituents and tell the developers and the WCBC Planning (lack of) Dept that the original, approved application stands in its agreed form. Call the developers bluff as a lesson for all future developers that may try to scam the Committee due to their perceived lack of intelligence and guts.

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    You fail to understand the thrust – The councillors and the council should make a stand against the WA whatever the cost and say NO this will not happen. The council have it in their powers to make it impossible for developers to profitably develop by implementing every planning, traffic rule environmental rule in the book.

    You are just another of the sheep that accepts everything the WA (south wales biased) dictates.

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    Prior to the final decision on this matter the Councillors should read my former post shown above. Councillors should be reminded who put them in this position. Some decisions should be made on what is right for their constituents, not of the likelihood of any repercussions or potential costs. So, councillors show some guts and vote with your conscience – reject this absurd plan which will only benefit people from across the border and be detrimental to local residents.

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    It Great news, GOODBYE to a very poor and un-democratic politician who never did anything for north Wales or indeed Wales. He was, and is, a grand Brexit Denier, even though the democratic view of the entire country was to leave the EU – he still can’t accept this. It is a pity we are not in the middle ages, as a Traitor he would be disposed of.

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    The most ridiculous omission belongs to the Council. With the disruption of the current works, they haven’t taken the opportunity to completely re-surface the road under the bridge(s)that has completely disintegrated. So, we can look forward to more disruption when this work is finally planned. You can never use the words Wrexham Council, Planning and Common Sense in the same sentence without a derogatory comment!

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    The embarrassment of the stark, unwelcoming and austere Ty Pawb continues – as predicted. Without another injection of £1.5 million of our money it will be lucky to see the year out. However, do not despair, the council have advertised an 11.4% increase in ‘footfall’ during 2017. Unfortunately, I think they were counting people tripping over the homeless in every empty shop doorway.

    in reply to: Ty Pawb does not cater for visually impaired #147009

    Whilst I have ever sympathy with the visually impaired, we can add another bunch to this category, i.e. The councillors and council that approved the whole Ty Pawb project. visually Impaired may be too kind, totally blind may be nearer the mark. I wouldn’t worry about the signage, it won’t be necessary for too long and its absence will have at least saved some of the wasted money, ‘good money after bad’ comes to mind..

    The Mayor said at the opening today..

    “The Mayor of Wrexham says he believes Tŷ Pawb will complement the two existing markets in the town centre”

    He obviously hasn’t been to town for a year or two, THERE IS NO TOWN CENTRE. I think his emergence from the ‘back passage’ on his way to Ty Pawb, via the deserted and abandoned shops, must have seriously affected his perception of what a ‘Town Centre’ actually is, and should be!

    The clock now starts ticking for the Closure of Ty Pawb, the omen is in the weather, cold with snow forecast for Monday, the opening day. Whatever the reality, it will be reported as an outstanding success with hundreds of thousands turning out in sunny and warm weather and the heavily subsidised stallholders declaring a profitable day. This will be the truth compared with the following Mondays !)

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