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    As I have said before – What we need is an Independent north Wales. We have those south Wales wally’s making decisions for a land they don’t understand. The approval for the houses in Rossett on the flood plain to accommodate cheap housing for the English whilst doing nothing to assist Wrexham, their people or its environs – except to fill the surgeries, hospital and schools.

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    I agree with the originating post and it is good manners that determines if you show consideration. It must be said that cars and vans come in all sizes and particularly on the Plas Coch side of the bridge, the sharp apex at the start of the bridge is difficult, as indicated by the broken car mirrors that frequent the tunnel. My suggestion to Wrexham Council is a dotted line across the nearside carriageway just prior to the apex indicating that it is preferable to give way to oncoming traffic.

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    Farkwittery – You may not be an idiot but nothing you write would make anyone believe otherwise, however, it could simply just be due to a personality disorder. You seem to believe that the vast majority of the electorate are idiots, however, every non-idiot fully realised that in order to have the best services and infrastructure, a profitable, vibrant economy is necessary to fund it. As far as your rant about foodbanks and homeless, how was Corbyn’s free high speed broadband for all was meant to assist the under-privileged. At this point he lost the few supporters he had managed to ‘amass’ (ha ha). The labour momentum has stopped, hopefully forever….

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    Your abusive and aggressive language is typical of the Momentum style that has brought the Traditional Labour Party (as a former member) to it knees. Whether you like it or not, the decent ‘normal’ people completely rejected the Momentum style approach and have spoken with a very clear message. The only party to win the confidence of the people occupies the centre ground, with the Labour extreme left approach, it permits the election of a ‘rightish’ Conservative government as they are nearer to the centre than the extreme left. The decent, working self-reliant people of this union have always rejected the left position, you better get used to it as it will be unerring fact of your whole life.

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    More rhetoric, you say the public are naive or thick. You are as bad as Elan-Jones or Lucas (the Gonner). You,like them, fail to acknowledge that the electorate wield the sword in the way they see fit and not from lefties eyes. Have you considered that it may be what the public want, to pull up the drawbridge, return all non UK criminals to country of origin, to return non-eligible economic migrants. To have eligibility checks at hospitals, to achieve an overall population decline by restricting house building to reduce energy needs and the carbon footprint that everyone has. There is a credible alternative view.

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    These are comments from Wakefield voters after returning a conservative MP for the first time in almost 90 years. I think they reflect Wrexham pretty well. The deposed MP’s should be un-seated for their stupidity and arrogance. their actions were like a Turkey voting for Christmas. Very apt at this time of year.

    Katie: “66.3% of Wakefield voted to leave the EU in the Wakefield district and Mary Creagh completely ignored this because she knew better.”

    Darren: “Her comments after the result saying that Labour needed to listen to the people was so deluded and two-faced. If she had of listened, she would still have her seat!”

    Ed: “The price you pay when you want the support of the people and think you know what’s better for them and ignore their wishes. Ignoring the Brexit referendum for your own good was your downfall.”

    Neil: “Democracy won the day and the electorate voted her out after 14 years , the constituency voted overwhelming for Brexit and she wouldn’t have it.”

    Ian: “If you openly disregard the views of the community you represent and are so far out of touch then what do you expect. She brought this about all by herself.”

    The lefties have gone very quiet on the forum – mind you, they now have 5 years to think about it !

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    I didn’t get any either, I was waiting for the Liberal un-democtratics to tell them what I think of their ‘democratic’ standpoint. I was going to run them off my property. Liberalism is the current scourge of the world and must be stopped. The mantra that it it always someone else’s fault breeds no self responsibility in our children and thus the good and responsible behaviour is not the norm. We had a clip from our parents and even the local constable however, it put us on the right path to being considerate, responsible citizens that is sadly lacking from the majority of the youth of today. Multi-culturism has infected our society with terrorism, knife crime, acid attacks, financial fraud and prostitution – whilst we have to look after our own criminals, we should nod tolerate that of non-nationals and should seek to prevent its propagation. BBC and Channel 4 must take some responsibility for this situation and it really annoys me that our licence fees support this liberal indoctrination.

    Some of the electioneering has been focused on mental heath provision for the young. Anyone in industry knows you have to address the root cause which in the main is social media. The social media companies should be heavily taxed to fully fund the mental health costs for which they are responsible.

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    The first consideration is to support democracy – the corner stone of our civilisation. The liberal un-democratic’s are so far from representative democracy they do not deserve a single vote. The Labour candidate will be too busy getting the splinters out of his ar*e from constantly sitting on the fence. I hope that the Brexit supporters (the majority) will have a single democratic choice by agreement between the Tories and Brexit Parties.

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    It will be a short list but not as short as the number of Elected Labour MP’s. Saddled with the treachery to the Welsh leave vote of the un-democratic Lucas (and his Welsh leave denial cronies), the Labour candidate doesn’t stand a chance as there will be only one leave candidate either the Brexit Party or Conservatives. I urge the conservatives not to field a candidate in the constituency that has recently been confirmed to fully be a Brexit constituency. As for the Liberal un-democratic party – these are a bigger joke than Labour. I believe their Leader (as a Scot) has been planted in Westminster by the SNP to stop Brexit – a total reversal of their former policy. To vote Lib-Dems is a vote for the takeover of England and Wales by the Scots !

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    Well, Lucas (the Gone) has one last chance to demonstrate that he is a true Public Servant and will represent his constituents and vote FOR the new Brexit deal.

    For those who have championed his “public service” – if a four day week, a nice journey on the train (probably first class with breakfast) to London for a few weeks with similar holidays to teachers, a £78,000 salary and expenses over £100,000 and having to pay no heed to the wishes of the electorate – most people would accept this “public service”.

    A true public servant is the man who is up the electricity pole in a winter blizzard restoring power supplies, the gas worker mending a leak in a water filled trench in the middle of the night, the nurse who stays at work when other can’t get in -these are true ‘public servants’ – paid just a fraction of the MP’s salary.

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