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    Very good news for the Town and even better for the council. I bet Laura or at least the medal will be signed up for the Ty Pawb opening – The medal could be displayed in a single empty concession, taking the total to 5 out of 20 stalls with only 5 weeks to go…

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    I don’t think you have to ‘suggest’ – Facts are Facts and they speak for themselves. Incompetence, whether from elected councillors or highly paid council officials, should be rewarded by a hessian bag or something Santa carries ! They are not immune, as none of us are in our daily jobs.

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    They better get used to answering questions as these will be demanded when Ty Pawb fails. Lets hope the whole executive resigns by then. However, we can still pursue them – they have a legal responsibility, the don’t get £32K for nothing… Its back to cutting hair, cleaning windows, fixing cars, running trains etc… and possibly breaking rocks!

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    Thanks for the new thread – merged all the previous threads – cynically, it reduced visible opposition to many separate aspects of the project. However, in this thread, Matt has said it the way it is. It was a high risk project from its inception. Here we go, back to the first threads – Have our Councillors or the Council got any mandate to invest in very high risk projects that will require millions in running costs throughout its (very short) lifetime? This is maladministration, during a time that the Council are always ‘bleating on’ about and implementing cuts – 99% of constituents would not have taken this high risk with our money as the Traders are not now risking theirs..

    It seems that the new ‘rescue strategy’ is to buy, rent, or coerce all the property en route to Ty Pawb including the back passage, TJ’s, BHs and all the vacant shops in between. Next, they will be giving away the Market & Food concessions in Ty Pawb rent free, traders have realised this strategy, so will ‘hang out’ until the desperation gets even more desperate.

    It will be worth going to the opening in April to see the Councillors coming out of the ‘back passage’ – a fitting memorial!

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    In this article Mr Cupit stated “Wrexham people buying from Wrexham traders” – full statement hereunder:-

    Responding to a question regarding the origins of interested parties, Mr Cupit did state they were not looking for national chains, rather looking to focus on ‘Wrexham people’, adding the perfect plan in his eyes would be Wrexham people buying from Wrexham traders, who would be selling produce and items made and sourced locally.

    Ironically, this begs the question why one of the new large main supply cables in Ty Pawb was manufactured in Ramadan City, Egypt, when an identical product is manufactured in Wrexham by Wrexham People at Prysmian Cables, a major employer in the Town ? I think they are based on the councils, Wrexham Industrial Estate.

    The article also states that also asked a probing question (yes, believe it or not!)
    This was:
    “However when we recently asked Wrexham Council for details on how many stalls at the new facility have been let and what procedures are in place to attract new stalls to the Butchers Market if displacement occurred, we did not receive a reply. We have since been told that due to ‘commercial sensitivity’ details on how many stalls have been let cannot be provided at the moment.”

    Commercial sensitivity – what’s “commercially sensitive” about that information, is there another White elephant vying for these stalls? It is “commercially sensitive” because the take up is pitifully low, as reported by the Wrexham Leader last week. For “Commercially sensitive” read:- A failing project, doomed from its inception.

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    Jimbow – You could have a prophecy there – Will it be Wrexham’s own Echo Arena or Grenfell Tower. I was stunned to see the progress photographs and the fact that it is ALL made of WOOD ! – A maze of floor to ceiling false partitions and facades housing cables/services etc. There is also the possibility (however remote) of food preparation, flames and heat…
    Onto the Echo arena – is the Multi-Story car park above Ty Pawb equipped with sprinklers? The absence of this facility is blamed for the Liverpool Echo Arena car park fire (which had no extremely popular metropolis underneath). The fitting of sprinklers will be the next ‘unexpected’ expense to ensure that the millions of visitors and staff are protected from a fire above the ‘wooden’ Ty Pawb.

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    Well – you are not presenting a balanced view. The only largely representative views are in the many Posts – even the Wrexham Leader presented the truth yesterday when they reported that the Council were struggling to lease the stalls with only 6 weeks to go to the ‘Grand Opening’ – What did report – NOTHING and even refuted ‘fake news’ allegations – Not to report actuality, and to manipulate the facts is, in itself, fake news. The council made an obvious cry for help – you did not understand it, or report it. I fear that even the opening of their back passage will not assist the take up of stalls or (as another participant has pointed out) the food concessions.

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    Unfortunately Atkinson is niaive, he thinks he has been brought in to ‘clean the windows’, so he can look out and see what the people of Wrexham really want! Unfortunately he has been set up as the ‘fall guy’ when Ty Pawb bonks. Rogers has seen the writing on the wall and has ‘fallen on his sword’ – getting out while the going is good. Who will be the next to go? In the meantime we will suffer Atkinson’s much publicised smile, with only him failing to see the sniggers (and relief) behind his back…

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    Well said Jimbow – no time for weasely words from the Council. They are panicking, the project is failing to inspire all but a few. They are now throwing money and effort to try and rescue its inevitable demise. seem to be co-conspiritors in this by only publishing the councils ‘fake good news’ that all is Rosy – the rosy-ness may reflect the councillors faces as the Grand Opening of Ty Pawb and its back passage approaches…

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    Unfortunately, the facts indicate the project is failing to inspire the traders of the town, there is no queue to take the stalls. Empty spaces will result in the project failing. Markets are of yesterday and the vast emptiness of town, particularly in the region of the old TJ’s, indicates that this section of town is also not popular. It can be of no surprise that ‘high status’ stalls are not being taken – It would be a very short journey to bankruptcy.

    In answer to ‘bubbles’ question – I cannot answer who would take over if the councillors went. The candidates who could offer foresight, would canvass public opinion and deliver a popular multi-million pound project are already gainfully and professionally employed and have no need for an ego trip as may be envisaged by the publicised window cleaner, fireman, barber, hairdresser, signalman or mechanic. If any of these had the necessary skills they would have commercially succeeded already. Perhaps the Council shares the responsibility in allowing the councillors to pursue Ty Pawb via the back passage. My “fake news” as you call it was a prophecy which the very next day turned out to be true, as will my other predictions – unfortunately you don’t have to be any sort of genius to predict Ty Pawb’s failure – my sorrow is limited to the waste of our money. I am very sorry to burst your bubble but facts are facts, either now or in the future…..

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