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    If Black lives matter isn’t it appropriate for them to ‘practice what they preach’ before demonstrating in the UK – Black on Black knife crime in London and elsewhere perhaps! They don’t demonstrate about that ! Black lives matter but they visibly don’t matter to themselves….

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    The majority of us non-lefties will be very grateful to both Boris and Dominic for ending the 2 year impass on Brexit. Two years wasted by lefties on trying to thwart a democratic decision. The news is that the people solidly rejected your views in great numbers. The lefties couldn’t accept the democratic decision as they can’t forgive or will ever be willing to understand the current Dominic Cummings situation. What they want now is another 2 years discussing this current issue. It has finished, it is in the past, like Brexit we are out – move on.
    All the press and the TV are remainers and the same un-representative crowd, both locally and nationally, are out in their numbers and bleating on trying to make a lost point again. Even the Lib Dems have pooped up – do you remember them from Brexit? Boris (with Dominic in tow) were elected by a very significant majority of us. There are more important issues, where were you when the police were breaking up local parties and pubs that were open, this is where the real risk both is and was. You have to realise that you are lefties in opposition forever, forever, forever…

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    Good Old Dominic, long may he reign. He had the good sense to make sure that he didn’t infect anyone outside his bubble. He didn’t take the tube or train and could be trusted to adhere to the spirit of the advice. If the lefties want to have a go at anyone, where were they when people were visiting pubs that had lock ins or the people who had parties and barbies. That is why you need the rules, for the stupid people. The intelligencia can be trusted to behave in a responsible and safe manner. The lefties, who have still to get over Brexit, must understand that as lefties they will never, ever have a say in intelligent government and have to be dictated to to ensure sensible behaviour. l

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    Most of the ranters on here have missed the main point. The undeniable fact is that local people are no longer generally sticking to the regulations. This is clearly obvious on the streets. So the ranters that stay home do not see what is actually happening. England have given a bit of slack and people will generally be sensible. Locally people are being sensible but are adopting the English rules as there own, as promoted by BBC Wales every day in the showing of the national CV update, without warning of non-applicability to Wales.

    The best way is to treat people with responsibility – this will have to happen at some time, the sooner we get used to it, the less jobs will be lost, the less mental damage will be inflicted and the sooner the economy recovers for us all. All this with no additional threat.

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    The unfortunate fact is we do not have a credible leader who the majority of the population will follow. We have a leader with as much Charisma as a Church gargoyle and as much leadership as a rear gunner. The last incumbent had good leadership qualities. The unfortunate fact is that most ranters responses demonstrate sound but idealistic views that are only shared by purists. We are dealing will people, from young to old, and any psychologist will tell you you have to give rope and hope. this is the best way of preventing contagion.

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    Perhaps a bicycle lift (like a ski ilft) to Rhos, Penycae, Brymbo & Minera is the answer. Most of our population live above the town which is fine for going shopping, we are there in a flash. However, the homeward journey may be onerous and limiting. How many of out busses can accommodate many bikes – perhaps this is the answer – The Bike Bus.

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    If you were going into an environment where there were bullets flying and someone offered you a bullet proof vest that may, or may not, work -would you use it ? I bet anyone would take up the offer. Wear a Mask/Covering for everyone’s benefit.

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    I have always promoted face coverings as Aerial transmission is a one step process, expression and inhilation. Hand Washing prevents a two stage process i.e. aerial or manual deposit followed by someone else manually picking it up before another stage to ingestion. It is ludicrous to promote hand washing in favour of masks. However, the mask and hand washing should prevent both transmission and infection. It must not bee overlooked that many countries now mandate masks for shopping and close contact. For anyone who has been to Hong Kong, they have always wore masks when they have a cold. Hong Kong, in spite of its close proximity to China has had a very low infection rate – Case proved.. WEAR A MASK.

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    Matt – if you are going to quote statistics make sure they are correct,not distorted like your arguments. UK currently lies 6th in the death rate charts behind : Spain, Italy Belgium, Andorra and San Marino – all incidentally European countries. If even your facts are incorrect you cannot trust the rest of your spoutings…,

    in reply to: Thank Goodness for Boris – My Prime Minister #185852

    Well, the one indisputable point is that Boris, and only Boris, is the one political commentator
    who can really relate to, and speak of, the near death experience of Covid19. Anyone else is merely a spectator. Listen to him, with no axe the grind or political step to try to climb. He is a true hero.

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