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    I really appreciate the provision of the candidates statements.
    when I read those statements it made it far clearer who I might want to vote for.
    I think this is a great thing and is something I wanted for a while.
    the last election, I had no idea what each of the candidates stood for.

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    @davew 2138 wrote:

    Called at Sainsbury’s yesterday morning. Left at 8:55am

    Got home to Coed Y Glyn at 9:29am ! May as well walked !

    Bloody Shambles. Shan’t bother going to Sainbury’s unless this changes.

    Whoever heard of a serious accident under the Stansty/Rhosddu bridge anyway ?

    I think what they really need to consider is giving access to the bypass from new road and vice versa.
    also, negotiate a public access route past the cambrian works.

    the bridge does form a vital access route that if removed in either direction causes a rather large round trip.

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    I think the ‘badge’ should be removed. it is misleading ad that is not really what we need from anyone meant to look after our locale.
    they need to be completely up front and clear about who they are.
    when we start allowing our public servants to behave in ways that are misleading or secretive, we are inviting them to treat us as livestock. to manipulate us.

    none of us should feel like we are being watched. it promotes an attitude of ‘guilty until proven innocent’. it puts pressure on us and laps away at our sense of liberty.

    we do need security in certain places. that goes without saying. but this way of doing things is wrong IMO.

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    why are people doing this?
    it seems senseless to me.
    I just don’t understand why there are people that need to cause such destruction to other people’s property.

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    I ride that way on my bike every week. the task of traversing that underpass is a nightmare. I have two choices. I can do then technically correct way and go under the bridge. to be honest I don’t have a death wish so I choose to use the pavement. going under that bridge on the pavement with a bike is very difficult and impossible if somebody is coming the other way. unless i am riding. then it’s just barely possible.

    I think getting rid of the path would be better. then with no need for the path leading down there, the road on the higher level could be widened. then a footbridge could be added. perhaps on the other side in the corner of that carpark.

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    thanks for your feedback guys.
    I have also read in places, also written by Richard Branson, that the first time you start a business, expect it to fail. but the key is to not view it as a failure, rather a learning process.
    I’ve learnt a lot about myself for sure.
    I’m actually now looking to work for marketing firms. as a designer/problem solver/troubleshooter. I seem to be good at stuff that doesn’t involve customer service or selling.

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    what is this time machine I’ve just found?

    wow. just wow.

    hey, one of those kids playing in the pool could well have been me. I don’t remember that far back and it’s difficult to recognise faces in that shot. but I do remember having dark trunks and spending a lot of time at the baths.

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    I would like to say that I now consider this venture to be a failure.
    I have a weakness in my social skills that makes it tough for me to engage with customers. add to that a weakness in marketing and I think I also overestimated the demand.

    I have learned a lot from this nonetheless.
    I’ve learnt a lot about myself for a start.
    some other things I’ve learnt:-

    • it’s easy to overestimate demand, even when everyone you speak to seems enthusiastic about it, it doesn’t mean a lot of people are actually willing to part with their money for it.
    • Marketing is important. People need to be made well aware of your business far in advance of it actually opening, and you need to make a lot of noise just to get people to come around and to notice you are there.
    • if you are opening a shop, starting off with a small product line and hoping to grow is going to be really tough and your store will look pathetic and might not even be noticed.
    • the product line needs to have a clear focus, so that nobody is in any doubt as to what you do.
    • if you have a bad credit rating, forget it. either go for a business idea that needs zero start up capital or check to see if you are eligible for a grant, that generally means under 30.
    • even if your product is high quality, cheaper than all the supermarkets, fresh and better value all around, people won’t be interested in it unless you’ve got all the marketing sorted out.

    put it this way, I still have 1kg of organic parsley and 1 kg of organic basil, they are better quality than asda and a lot cheaper. I can’t find a way to get rid of it.

    so this is the things I have learnt. if you’re thinking of starting a business, I hope this can help you in some way!

    oh… by the way, as for what I am moving on to, I think i need to concentrate on my strengths. problem solving and fixing things. I am really good at those things so I just need to find a way to earn a living that way.

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    I’m wondering if high street were properly pedestrianised like hope street, would the foot-flow be better and would town benefit more from eagles meadow?
    after all, high street is not really a main road and is generally only used for access anyway.
    actually, I wonder what the status of high street is, why there are not more cars going down there all the time yet it doesn’t seem like traffic is denied access…

    if it were fully pedestrianised, it would widen the walking area. that path is quite wide but sometimes it is quite crowded.
    high street could also play host to market stalls like it used to, it would be very beneficial to wrexham to have the monday market expanded to different areas and not just queens square.
    this would also bring people to the midway between eagles meadow and town centre.

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    i got to agree, the demolition of the buildings in yorke street, the black horse etc, would be a bonus. the bridge is sort of hidden away and the other side where the steps are, is an odd location. I can’t imagine coming from that direction really, the transport hubs are not in that direction. but if the black horse etc were demolished, that whole area could be opened up and have a small drop off point for buses and some benches etc. and it would help lead towards the steps. a decent proper cafe would do really well there. (not like starbucks)

    anyway, onto the main topic,
    how has eagles meadow changed wrexham?
    it’s difficult to say as the economy has no doubt had a major impact on the town at the same time. but it does seem that some chains have moved from the centre to eagles meadow. also, it is quite a distance from one end of town to the other end of eagles meadow. in this respect, eagles meadow has made wrexham less attractive. to go from the train or bus station to where the main chains are, is more of a hassle now than it used to be. this could lead to people making a different choice when deciding what town to go to to shop.
    on the other hand, when concerning car parking, they can park in eagles meadow. this results in a lower likelihood of a visit to hope street and regent street. add to this the increase in young lads driving loud mopeds and cars around past macdonalds, some people may avoid this part of town altogether.
    in a sense, it could cause a kind of cultural divide between the town centre and eagles meadow.

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