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    … small number of drivers, which sad to say we’re mostly of foreign origin to paint such a bad picture of the GHA company…

    I see you are one of those who blame others (especially other nationals) for your/our own failings. Arriva has quite a few Polish (and I think also Slovakian, but not 100% sure on that) drivers, and they are a good and polite bunch.

    I used GHA for the past few years to go between Ruabon, Wrexham and Wrexham Ind. Est. on a nearly daily basis, and I am “sad to say” the local Brit/Welsh drivers were the worst – half blind or deaf, driving like drag racers over speedbumps or around corners. On a couple of occasions I had to leave the bus a bit early and leg it home, out of fear of puking, as the driver’s antics made me feel really sick – and that’s coming from a guy who can ride most of amusement parks attractions without batting an eyelash.

    I’m afraid my experiences are similar.
    The speeding, and tailgating was a particular concern. One can only assume the timetabling was seriously flawed.
    One of the better one’s was Portuguese but some of the others’ were a worry.

    One thing I could never understand is how the No5, from Llangollen, could arrive at Ruabon late one night and 6 mins early another?
    How can you gain 6 mins, and are their really traffic delays 7:30 in the evening?

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    Well if the company took the threats of safety serious this would never have arisen this company flouted so many safety laws and conditions it is unbelievable feel sorry for the drivers but they also contributed to safety conditions to by being on their mobile phones whilst driving which is illegal and driving unsafe buses knowing that they were unsafe people run Arriva down but their safety record is excellent and their staff much more helpful and polite.

    A dreadful company with non existent customer services.
    Timing was a game of roulette as they seemed to have scant regard for timetables.
    Some of the busses in a terrible state and some, but not all, of the drivers seemed to think they were in a race to their destination having little concern for their passengers comfort and safety.
    Combine that with their appalling record on H&S, improvement notices served in 2011, and 2015, but still not heeded despite extensions and it’s obvious they were incapable of running a business.

    To shut like that, with no warning to the customers, or the councils, just emphasises their total contempt for their customers, especially the school children who relied on them.

    I wonder if they paid their £90,000 fine, and £3,068 costs?

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    I laughed at the comment “Its not as if the concept of arranging a concert is a new one is it?”
    Is that from someone with experience, or a throw away comment from someone who doesn’t understand what’s involved?
    The latter, I suspect.
    Well, despite one or two minor issues, largely related to the site layout – not something that can be easily changed – from what I saw things went very well, particularly for a first time event.
    The ticket exchange for wrist bands seemed to go smoothly, road traffic, if anything, seemed light and closures minimal.
    The early finish, whilst a disappointment for some, should mean there’s no possible reason for any complaints.
    From the first comments from the police it seems to have been better behaved than an average Saturday. :-)

    Any future ones, of course, will involve the Football Club, as landlords of the ground, but obviously access to a large amount of the Glyndwr site is integral to operation so any future event would involve a promoter, Glyndwr, and the football club.

    This event was many months in the planning, hopefully the experience gained will make things easier the next time.

    As for a fan zone.
    I doubt there’s time to arrange anything of significant size.
    Equipment, at short notice, could be a problem.
    Even assuming a licence was granted. The council aren’t known for speedy action.
    Unless it’s removing flags off Grove Park School. :-)

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    My take on the article:
    Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for the Environment and Transport, noted that the ‘move is designed to improve quality and provision of the bus and travel information provided at Wrexham Bus Station and provide a more safe and pleasant environment for the public to travel’.
    More throw away statements here, please tell us “how”?

    “there has been some concern of anti-social behaviour at bus station and also it’s to improve the appearance and improve the passenger experience”
    So PCSO’s for the anti social behaviour, and street cleaners – both of which are paid for by council tax.

    It’s not one of our core functions as a Council.
    Read “to be honest, we couldn’t give a sh1t about the service, we’ve got bigger fish to fry, and we need to get rid of this hot turd now as I’m sick of people complaining about it! The bus is for poor people, ‘bus w@nkers!‘” :)

    All these problems can be put down to lack of leadership!
    It’s an open admission of failure to carry out the remit of the job.

    If this is handed over to someone else can we look forward to reduced cost to the council as, obviously, whoever is being paid to look after it at present will have it removed from their responsibilities, hence downgrading their position.
    Or will it result in subsidies to a private company?
    Next question…..

    Strange, isn’t it.
    Not long ago the council website proudly proclaimed “Wrexham County Borough Council has a commitment to publicise public transport from and within the County Borough.”
    That, of course, is when they actually informed us of bus changes on the website, and had signage that at least partially worked.
    All mention of such a commitment seems to have vanished.

    The bus station was seen as a gateway to the town, and the spending of a fortune on a load of rubbish paving blocks, and street furniture, was seen as critical to creating a good impression.
    Talk about decorating a – well, you know what I mean!

    Now, it would appear, the bus station isn’t anything to do with the council and if you use the bus you are regarded as a non person!

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    Life is simple.
    Don’t vote and the conclusion – correct or not – is that you are happy with things as they stand.
    Obviously, if you were not, you would vote for one of the other options, or put forward an option of your own.

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    I did read the disclaimer.
    It doesn’t say “Disclaimer: This website will not produce the information it promises.”

    I’m not talking about changes at short notice.
    The permanent ceasing of the D42 service isn’t short notice, nor were many other alterations.
    Nor were they for short periods.
    An incident results in a short notice disruption, actions resulting from planned work, or cancelling a service, should be easy enough to post.

    “I don’t know how people used to find out this sort of information before the Internet was invented.”

    You may not be aware but the internet has been invented and successfully used by many organisations, councils included.
    There’s no turning the clock back.
    In the “good old days”, before such technology rendered it unnecessary, we had several options, to gain bus information.
    Posters in the bus station – the last time I looked I didn’t see one about the D42.
    Notices on bus stops.
    Bus inspectors, they were always hovering about, checking timings and tickets and the font of all knowledge.
    Even the papers carried information about diversions.
    But, apparently, we don’t need any of this any more because – there’s the internet!

    You mention reducing budget but have ignored my comment about waste.
    That either indicates you are aware, but don’t care, or that you are unaware and still don’t care!

    “Too many people expect the Council to hold their hands and wipe their bottoms (within a reducing budge) rather than getting on with it and looking for something themselves!”

    Take care!
    I’ll avoid taking this to a personal level.

    I did get on with it.
    I’ve used the Wrexham phone number on the bus stops 01978 266166. – I can’t remember the last time that worked. Is there actually anyone on the end of it at any time? Bad enough for locals but visitors!
    I used the website, as the instructions on it indicated. – That didn’t work.
    Posted enquiries to the website. – That didn’t work. We’ll see how the new form goes.
    Phoned the council. – That didn’t work, still awaiting a call back from the last one.
    Looked for posters in the bus station. – The occasional one but by no means reliable and no help if your journey don’t take you into the bus station.

    “Sorry for the rant Transportuser but its not a Council priority!”

    So, public transport isn’t a Council priority!
    Is that the view of the council, or a councillor?

    I assume that you don’t use public transport then?
    I’m sure it’s a priority for many, just to get to work.
    I’m sure they think public transport is important. Having a car shouldn’t be a prerequisite of having a job.

    Successful public transport could save the council so much money, less damage to the roads, less congestion, less pollution, fewer parking problems, more attractive to visitors, a more vibrant economy.
    Wrexham can’t attract people from Mold, for a night out, as there are no busses. Chester, however, has no such problem.

    As I said, in a previous post, I use public transport in many parts of the country and am disappointed that the most difficult one to cope with is my local one.

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    Participant edit: Removed the persons name on request, but advice is to call Council on 01978 292037 and they ought to help.

    So the advice is to call the Council, and they “ought to help”.
    They ought to have been able to help when I’ve phoned previously!
    As it is I’m still waiting for the return call.

    I’m not sure why the name of the person responsible for transport would be removed, it’s listed, multiple times, on the internet anyway!
    Contacting him direct I see as a last resort as one would imagine he has staff that should be dealing with such, seemingly, simple things.

    We’ll see what response the contact form brings.
    Difficult to ignore, I would imagine. If I was departmental head, I’d have given those tasked with responding the heads up.

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    Transportuser, rather than ranting here, why not do something productive and ask the Council the question?

    Wrexham Council Feedback Form

    What a stupid comment!
    Not what I was hoping for, I must admit.
    I was hoping for something more akin to – try speaking to Mr.

    A response without knowing the facts!
    I have contacted, or attempted to contact, the council several times.
    They last occasion just a few weeks ago.
    That time I was told the person I need to speak to was unavailable but would call me back.
    I said that from previous experience that was unlikely to happen but was assured that I’d be contacted the next day.
    I’m still waiting!

    I’ve also spoken to officers at the transport users session at the bus station.
    Again, that wasn’t advertised on the website!
    I didn’t expect anything productive from that as they didn’t even make a note of anything.
    The one gentleman even seemed incapable of maintaining eye contact while we talked so I wasn’t expecting anything to be done.

    Any response you do get seems to be the council blaming the bus companies, or the bus companies blaming the council.
    Wrexham Council have even blamed Flintshire!
    Although, how any of that affects what’s on the website is beyond me.
    The only reason Wrexham Council gives is lack of funds.
    If they are short of funds why have they been paying for power to lots of redundant equipment for years?
    It was pointed out to them some years ago but nothing has been done.

    I’ll try the form, again.
    At least the current version has space to put you email address in, unlike the previous one.
    Despite putting my email address, in the body of the message, I didn’t get a response to that.

    My frustration is partly due to the fact that I successfully use public transport in many towns around the UK but find the local one fails on so many levels.

    Public transport should be encouraged as it brings so many benefits but, as long as it’s unreliable and difficult to get information about, it’s difficult to persuade people to use it.

    I’m not one for “ranting”, on sites like this, but the frustration at the inability/unwillingness of others to respond sometimes drives you to it.
    It’s pointless bombarding the council, trying to get to the person responsible, as all you do is annoy someone who just happens to answer the telephone, and appear to be a serial complainer.
    All for the sake of someone accepting their responsibilities and acting on them.
    Just returning a call would be a start.

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    The on line video showed rooms of various sizes, including an exceptional hall, with stage.
    An impressive entrance area, and a very pleasing external appearance.
    Looks like a candidate for an Arts Hub, to me.

    Good parking and access, no problem for loading in equipment for events, no height restrictions for vehicles.
    The many, and varied rooms could accommodate small arts/craft workshops and there could be on site training facilities – so the education aspect would be retained.

    Seems a bit of a no brainer, or have I missed something?

    We have the expertise locally to provide all that is needed but, I suspect, whatever happens with this, or the possible People’s market conversion, will involve companies being brought from out of the area to do the work and the consultation/design work will likewise be undertaken by those who have no connection with, or understanding of, what the town needs or wants.

    At the end of the day locals will feel little connection with the project and a chance for long term stability will have been missed.

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    The Swan Abbott street in Wrexham used to have one don’t know if its still in use.

    Long gone, I’m afraid, along with the live bands there.

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