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    It’s completely wrong that history is being rewritten.
    He said it and should live with the fact it was in the public domain.
    It makes you wonder who is really the “Bloody Old Fool!”

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    EE is owned by BT!
    Which, in turn is part owned by Deutsche Telekom and Orange (French).
    They had combined T Mobile and Orange to form EE!
    What a complex web these multinationals weave.

    in reply to: Street Cleanup- DO NOT CLEAN UP POSTERS!! #150887


    Why not do both? They aren’t mutually exclusive you know.
    It would be far more helpful and positive than this childish political point scoring and whinging.

    They are mutually exclusive.
    If someone removes the posters they’re removing not only the evidence of the offence but also the means by which the council can trace the offenders?

    Rather than random removal the answer is surely to take the legal route which will also discourage other from repeating the problem.
    Council Watcher’s comments are common sense, not “point scoring”.

    in reply to: Shame on Councillors to refuse planning permission #145787


    I’ve a full set of pre-planning documents relating to this.
    To be honest I’d be very concerned if it got approved.
    Just the last week or so we’ve seen examples of planning applications that don’t reflect the intended purpose of properties.
    This site has poor access, with weather and traffic issues, which were glossed over in the documents, along with many other factors that contribute to it being a poor choice of site for something of this nature.
    The plans also appear to indicate it’s not designed as a purely low risk unit, despite what might be being said.
    The document didn’t instil any confidence in the company concerned.

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    Give them bus passes.
    Kills two birds with one stone.
    Money could be made from the charges on spaces and, without a doubt, they wouldn’t put up with the bus “service” we get!

    in reply to: Speeding traffic in Ruabon #143163


    I must say I’ve never noticed any speeding traffic in Ruabon. Dangerous driving and parking but not speeding.

    I’ve not really noticed it either, except for out by the railway bridge into/out of the 40mph limit. Through the village itself? Not really.

    As for the traffic calming measures on Bangor Rod, I’ve not seen them change in the last 3 years or so.

    Try crossing the road near the turning for the railway station!
    Considering there’s a couple of bends there, the speed of some vehicles is beyond belief.

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    What is it with the council and anything remotely technical?
    All the schemes fall apart.
    Either they are very badly advised, or they’re not listening to, or asking for, the necessary advice.
    Add to that the seeming inability to manage any contract properly and it’s a recipe for disaster.
    A town wide WiFi network should be simple enough, it’s not as if it was anything new even when it was first considered.
    If the contractors hadn’t met the delivery date they should have been sent packing, with no payment. Hopefully the person who comes to look into it will be paid by the supplier, not us.
    The bus stop signage, and now the parking indicators, are all non operational, but still consuming electricity! Along with the old touch screen in the bus station which has been burning the kilowatt hours needlessly for at least five years.
    It annoys me that a sizable chunk of my rates has kept that unnecessarily illuminated for the sake of disconnecting a fuse.

    They want to make cuts but simple, obvious, savings are ignored.

    Isn’t there anyone working for the council that can look into these things without bringing in external contractors.


    From a comment on facebook it would appear that the security cameras at the bus station are faulty, the lack of response without calls from the public seems to confirm this.
    If it is the case how long has this been the case and when are repairs likely to be completed?

    The previous answer was referred to by both IW / HJ.

    Not actually answered.
    It wasn’t a general question about the system.
    Are they working in the bus station.
    Just my observations that if they are working, in the bus station, why is there no response when there are people directly under the cameras causing problems to the public?

    As for the upgrades, was that along with the non existent street WiFi, supposedly to be active last Sept – 12 months late?


    From a comment on facebook it would appear that the security cameras at the bus station are faulty, the lack of response without calls from the public seems to confirm this.
    If it is the case how long has this been the case and when are repairs likely to be completed?

    in reply to: Meet the leading members. Joke! #120924


    I see they’ve done it again!
    Announce on Twitter, on Friday, about event on the following Monday 1pm to 3pm.
    I don’t do twitter, so the only way I knew was through
    There was something on the Facebook page but it was incorrect, and still hasn’t been updated, just a one line correction!
    There’s a link to a council web page, but, as usual, that doesn’t give any information!

    Who thinks it’s acceptable to give such short notice, and considers 1pm to 3pm a suitable time to meet up with working people?
    There’s an expression – forward planning. I don’t think this qualifies as adequate.

    Loads of the website doesn’t work at the moment, and the phones are almost permanently engaged.

    I wonder if anyone made it to the last one?
    Interestingly, I see the location for that one was changed at the last moment.

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