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    Leader live poll last week hasn’t been printed but it’s there if you want to see it nearly 300 took part 82% think it should be flattened

    Population of Wrexham County Borough is approximately 135,000 of which approximately 63,000 live within the town of Wrexham and its surrounding conurbation of urban villages.

    That calculates out at
    (a) approx. 101,500 of voting age in Wrexham County Borough, and
    (b) approx. 48,750 of voting age in the town of Wrexham and its conurbation of urban village.

    300 took part???? that is approximately:
    (a) 0.29% of the electorate of Wrexham County Borough and
    (b) 0.61% of the electorate living within the town and its conurbation of villages.

    Those for destroying the school represent in the region of:
    (a 0.23% if the Wrexham electorate, and
    (b) 0.50%.of the Wrexham County Borough electorate.

    Hardly a representative poll????? Infact a mockery of the idea of polling. More like a Trump rig.

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    I too have met Ian Lucas and I endorse Captain C’s comments. He is an intelligent and resourceful person. Write to him if you feel strongly on an issue, and unlike others, he does reply.

    But this thread has many writers and complainers whose targets, if not Ian Lucas, is the Labour Party generally. Time they really studied the Tory party and criticised their faults and often lies.

    Political Science… hmpph the biggest misnomer in history.

    *Shrugs* ….. and Go!

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    All, this will be my final posting on this thread. Initially I started out to enlighten the minds & inform others of what alternatives I have discovered as I have gone through life. The initial posting in this thread comes direct from gov’t’s own website so that should say something. Remember dealings with any council are business in nature & no-one has to do business with a company if they don’t want to. Theresa May went on BBC sometime in 2014 & was asked how do the gov’t govern? Her answer: By consent. Hopefully that that should ring a few bells in those who think “I knew there was somat wrong”. Will not post the link from ytube as some appear offended.

    Remember am not in any way legally trained so what have written is only for information & not to be taken as advice, make up your own minds, do your own research & slowly as I hope people start to wake up will grasp a better understanding of what is going on around them. No-one has to pay fines for anything its written as a form of protection from the gov’t in a legal world (what I have learnt in a legal world its all fake, fake from the point of view should one find oneself in court over ??? then what happens is real enough but over what is fake, fake designed by a few to control others. That is you, me & everyone else ok your dog’s craps on the street & you don’t pick it up how is that a crime? Some council tw*t sees it & says you have to pay a fine. Stop thinking in the if you like the unilateral way we have all been brought up to think about cost of paying someone else to pick it up start to look at the bigger picture & comprehend what is going on. Where is the punishment in paying fines? It’s all business – money making nothing else) – all have the right to not pay fines before conviction. Put more simply let those who are plaintiff prove ???

    As a closing thought for those who want to know more there is a wealth of info out there, follow the links to sites that will provide links to further info on an array of subjects. I hope your journey should you decide to follow will be an enlightening one and YES it will surely be a voyage of discovery. For those that think otherwise just take a few minutes every so often to have a look & see what is happening – you will be surprised. To those that think its all hogwash the only thing I can say is where I have challenged those to put up something plausible to counter what is posted nothing has come forward – there must be something in it. I used to think it was hogwash when I started but as time went on & started to see results of peoples’ own experiences I started to change my mind that’s all. So to finalise, by all means do research this & make your own minds up, you can of course ignore all together, the choice is yours!

    Should this be the final posting? Should I start a new thread on what now, let’s think – mmmm I know !

    Are utilities really FREE? Good question!

    OK THIS REALLY IS my last post on this, and it is solely for the purpose of responding with respect to your ‘final posting’ message. I recognised how much effort you had put into your original post starting this thread. I also recognise how such effort and sincerity is, so often, responded to with inane and sometimes totally negative statements and arguements. To cut this short, thank you for posting in a sensible and serious manner about something that is of concern to many people of this town. Now I really am finished :)

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    The Monitor

    The amount of time you folk have talked about shit, is phenomenal. I would never have thought that shit, could demand so much time and effort. All of you think about it, and really ask yourselves is it worth this time out of your life span to talk about shit. * smiles * … I have… first and last post on this. Goodnight.

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    Congratulations. Keep up the good work.

    The Monitor

    Liz Taylor, it would seem we are in total agreement. Thank you for mentioning me as a possible future Councillor, but I know my limitations, unlike certain present council members, and sadly there are also private reasons which I think would impede me. Good luck with your drive for a new Wrexham Council based upon true democratic priciples and procedures. I shall follow your efforts with interest and full support.

    The Monitor

    One of the most Serious things to be changed is the system of organisation and procedure: the so called
    ‘Cabinet Style’ . This is faulty and does not follow the Cabinet Style of organisation and procedure present
    at Central Government in the UK.

    To clarify:
    The present system of procedural organisation used by the Council is as follows:
    * The Executive Board (call them the Cabinet) make decisions on policy and action. Once these are made
    public a request can be made for them to be sent to the Scrutiny Committee (call this ‘the Lords)
    for review. If this request is allowed then …
    * The Scrutiny Committee deliberate on the Policy or Action and then if they are in doubt of the worth and
    sense of the decision, they can send it back to the Executive Board for further condideration. If they
    agree by a majority that the Executive Boards decisions are ok then no further action is taken and the
    decisions are activated.

    AT no time need they be put to a vote of the Whole Council, (call this the Commons), where All councillors
    can vote. This a seriously faulty way of running things and deprives most of the Elected Members of a
    vote and also denies the views of the public to be raised and taking away any influence the general public
    can exercise.

    THIS is not the True Cabinet Style as operates in Central Government where:
    * The Cabinet make policy and action decisions which are then submitted to Lords.
    * The Lords then consider the policy decisions and then either, if they disagree with anything, refer them
    back to the Cabinet for further discussion or negating.
    * The Cabinet then review the original policy decisions and either change and once more they go to the
    Lords for further scrutiny or the Cabinet set them aside.
    * Once the Lords agree the policy decisions arising from the Cabinet.
    they then go before THE WHOLE HOUSE OF COMMONS, allowing all Members of Parliament to vote.
    Voting acceptance or denial. In this way it is possible for ALL members of the public, the Electorate
    to have their views taken into account.

    Wrexham Council should be ashamed of the undemocratic set up of Council procedure at present, denies the
    electorate views to be expressed, and enables the Council policies and actions to be Dictated by 10 people
    the Executive Boards.


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    The Monitor

    I would advise all who want transparency in Council and Councillors dealings to look at the details of finance and costings as obtained by Save Our Heritage on their website .. There you will see what the misinformation put out by certain councillors and the executive board actually belies the situation and their version of the accounting. Try it.. see what you think :)

    The Monitor

    I have spoken with a number or the candidates over the past weeks, including doorstep. They Are involved and probably would wish for more time to actually knock on All doors. Sometimes it is physically impossible as I am sure you will agree. How many houses in the areas? How many days and evenings would you offer?

    Nuff said, You will have your opinions, I have mine .. by experience, and No, I am not a candidate and never will be.

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