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    The Speaking Truth. I wonder how much truth you speak. It is obvious, and has been for sometime, that the people of Wrexham, Do believe lies and propoganda. Why else do they vote in the councillors on the so called Executive Board time and again. Because the people of wrexham ARE gullible or have given up.

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    It could be something that should be welcomed. It may prevent
    Supermarkets using alcohol as ‘loss leaders’ (why not offer cheaper
    food), and also may reduce domestic abuse, where the guy gets pissed
    at home and bullies the wife. If he gets stroppy in the pub, he soon
    gets answered.

    I think it could be a good move all round.

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    Jah Vol Mein Fuhrer!

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    The Cabinet System was indeed by Tony Blair, but what we have here is NOT the Cabinet System, but a mockery of the Real Cabinet System. The Cabinet System as used in the British Government is as follows:

    The Cabinet decides to introduce a new Law, Procedure or Action.

    This new Law, Procedure or Action action is then sent to the
    House of Lords for examination and debate.
    If the House of Lords vote on the Law, Procedure or Action and
    vote in favour. Then:

    It goes before the Whole of Parliament to be voted on by Our Representatives, the MPs.

    If the New Law, Procedure or Action is voted out by the House of Lords, it is then sent
    back to the Cabinet for further debate and possibly tossed in the bin.

    At all times, the Full Parliament are involved in the process, unlike what we have in Wrexham.
    Where often the full council does Not get to vote and so are rendered without power, meaning that
    most of Wrexham Electorate have no power.

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    The main problem surely lies in the earlier decision to protect this slum as a listed building, at one of the busiest and most visible approaches to the town. Had the place been demolished months ago, then work may now be well on the way to building new schools. How many of the pressure group opposing the demolition actually pay Council tax in Wrexham and therefore share the ongoing costs of maintaining and policing this site ?

    Number 1. It is NOT a slum, you are a troll.
    Number 2. All members of the group that worked to save the beautiful building which is THE GROVES; a building with a long heritage; DO pay Council tax. You are a troll.

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    We have a brilliant group of artists and designers in Coleg Cambria and Glyndwr why not use our own home grown talent and give them a financial prize towards their studies.

    Excellent suggestion. It would produce good results too, from an enthusiastic group of creatives.

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    It may be time for ‘boots on streets’. Take democracy back. Unrest throughout the area will force change. Start by speaking with your own ‘elected’ member, or was that member ‘shoehorned’ in. Call them to account personally, rather than as a ‘council’ or ‘group’. Time for Action other than hoping that the council and its ‘officers’ will give us the change we want and that is needed. Time to call individuals to account.

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    ‘Standing Orders are the *rules* of the Council’. So these current ones seriously NEED to be altered. The alternative is to continue with this virtual dictatorship, by the executive board and their cronies.

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    Time for change:
    a) No more Executive bully boards.

    b) A complete change from the old leadership.

    c) A reduction in the top heavy payments made to various
    council members and a more equal distribution of payments.

    c) A new regime where the People Who Matter ie. The Electorate,
    are represented equally, by having all council matters voted
    for or against by ALL councillors. No more select groups.

    This may mean more work for all individual councillors, but surely
    that is what they are there for.

    Let us the Electorate take time to ENSURE that our councillors have
    a vote, and use it on OUR behalf.

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    Leader live poll last week hasn’t been printed but it’s there if you want to see it nearly 300 took part 82% think it should be flattened

    Population of Wrexham County Borough is approximately 135,000 of which approximately 63,000 live within the town of Wrexham and its surrounding conurbation of urban villages.

    That calculates out at
    (a) approx. 101,500 of voting age in Wrexham County Borough, and
    (b) approx. 48,750 of voting age in the town of Wrexham and its conurbation of urban village.

    300 took part???? that is approximately:
    (a) 0.29% of the electorate of Wrexham County Borough and
    (b) 0.61% of the electorate living within the town and its conurbation of villages.

    Those for destroying the school represent in the region of:
    (a 0.23% if the Wrexham electorate, and
    (b) 0.50%.of the Wrexham County Borough electorate.

    Hardly a representative poll????? Infact a mockery of the idea of polling. More like a Trump rig.

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