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    The Wrexham Council Road Inspector was on the trail of Virgin Media for the entire length of time that they have been working in Wrexham. He stopped multiple gangs working multiple times. Each time he found defects he reported it to higher levels in the hope that they would impose a total stop on Virgin Media, and each and every time he was knocked back, and more or less told that they should carry on for the good of businesses, both already in the area, and as a bait to those wishing to relocate to Wrexham. So much work was created for the Highways inspector that Wrexham Council appointed a temporary Highways inspector in June just to oversee the work of Virgin Media. The Salary for this post is not paid for by the Council, but reimbursed by Virgin Media. The original Inspector had been submitting reports since before last Christmas, but they fell on deaf ears. Any defects that occur will be repaired by agents for Virgin Media within the first two (I think) years, then they become the responsibility of the Council itself, so it is incredibly important that all problems are rectified, otherwise the already overstretched budget will be stretched further. The Highways inspector raised these issues from the outset, the problem lies at the feet of those in higher authority.

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