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    Yes they do!

    They came around Rhostyllen and Esless Park about a month ago, clearing and flushing all the road drains.

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    SR Photography in Wrexham now offers Photographs for Passports and Driving Licence for UK, Europe and various International Passport and Visa applications.

    For More Information SR Photography Passport and Visa Service

    To avoid people waiting a ‘by appointment’ system is in use.

    in reply to: Insane A483 overtake. (Contains Bad Language) #94949


    You have to ask yourself was that a one off worst decision of his life, and he had a VERY lucky escape or is that his day to day driving technique causing cars to leave the road (cross white line) to let him through?

    I am sure the police could prosecute off that video if they put the effort in, causing another vehicle to leave the road.

    I was behind a woman in a black car going towards Wrexham by the Gresford slip road, she was in lane 2 doing 70, passing a car doing 65 indicating left, eventually passing the Audi in lane 1 and firing off down the slip road.

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    @zinger 19487 wrote:

    The Esso garage on the bypass by Johnstown was only 108,? a litre the other day.

    Bargain :eek:
    That’s only 65p tax and duty per litre

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    I agree with everything else you said (I did live there for 20 years, until I left home) but…..
    @brian 19270 wrote:

    might even slow the idiots coming down the hill from Hightown cutting through to go to work on the industrial estate

    You mean the people travelling on a public road going from A to B?

    I visit Kings Mills and pull out of the estate, even cars travelling at 25 – 30 mph ‘appear’ quickly as due to the road design you need to stick the nose of your car out to see up / down the road. But that’s still no reason to drop the speed limit from 30 to 20 to fix the problem!!!!

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    @maureen Gray 18554 wrote:

    Its like watching a bunch of over Paid nancy boys ballroom dancing!

    Think you have confused it with football.

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    @thunderbirdskid 18013 wrote:

    Idiots can’t overtake in the face of oncoming traffic on the Thelwell Viaduct. Solid whites over the bridge and a permanently mounted CCTV camera to catch those who ignore it might help.

    So as I said…… It’s not the speed the kills, it’s the poor standard of driving. (I really hate the stupid ‘speed kills’ message it’s a media crock of crap). More people killed by bad/drink driving than speed.

    Don’t recall ever overtaking on the Chirk bridge, no escape if it goes wrong. Never keen going over there with the caravan as the wind catches it.

    Better than white lines and a camera option just put a barrier down the middle over the bridge section and leave the speed limit as national.

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    Its hard to have a rhetorical question on a public forum…… May as well not post!

    Its even easier in the place you refer to as its a single caraway with an overtaking lane up the hill so the speed limit for cars is 60mph not 70mph.

    I am a little surprised regarding the bridge and people welcoming the temporary 40mph limit on there. The Thelwall Viaduct is 2×4 lanes using the same barrier style as the bridge in Chirk with a 70mph speed limit and people dont keep crashing on that. Maybe it’s the driving style and not the speed? Maybe if their is a need to teach people to drive by enforcement methods then double white lines over the bridge section could help?

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    @philwynn 17818 wrote:

    Placing double yellows along one side of Ruthin Rd would inevitably increase the speed of passing traffic and half on-street parking. For these reasons this option was discounted.

    Cllr Phil Wynn

    While it would half the parking the rest of the statement is nonsense. So rather than cars travelling at a constant 25/30mph it is safer for cars to be darting in and out to pass some parked cars then find a gap, then get to the next gap before oncoming car approaches???

    A one way system may be the answer, however making it one way to account for poor driving standards at the traffic lights should not be a reason for doing it.

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    One of the Indian takeaways in Rhostyllen has a 4 (That’s good enough for me, just they slipped up with something minor on the day!), the other however has a 1 and has only recently started displaying the rating on the entrance doors!!!

    This was posted on face book last week from the 1 rated establishment, guess they have no aspiration to get a 5?

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