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    A hydroponics shop on Chester Street?

    Not far from the Police Station. They’ll be training binoculars from their windows, seeing whose setting up home grows!!!

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    I have no problem with the migrant workforce. Just that it was too many too soon in 2004. The UK, Ireland and a Scandinavian country didn’t have a cap on the numbers. We couldn’t cope. Even today we haven’t recovered from the pressures put on housing and hospitals etc
    It’s the illegals I’m concerned about. The past Labour government even admitted that they had no idea how many were in the country.
    If a takeaway can afford to pay cash-in-the-hand to illegals working there or delivering takeaways, then it’s not fair on the rest of us who have to pay tax!
    Takeaways and nightclubs have long been the target of HRMC.
    It’s a bit like driving instructors and anyone else who gets paid cash. 1 job for me, and 1 job for the taxman.

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    If that’s what A&E is like in Wrexham on a Wednesday night, I dread to think what it’s like at the weekend?
    As a trial, why not put a few immigration officers & a Eastern-European translator on duty for a couple of nights just to see what happens?
    The people I saw were unemployable by both their appearance & intoxication. They looked like they were sleeping rough.

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    How many takeaways in Wrexham & the area have been raided for illegal immigrants recently?


    Relatives of Turkish takeaways seem to visit their relatives over here…and just seem to stay. One of my local takeaways has a lad from Kurdistan whos’e been here for 3-years. Is he going to go home?

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    And another thing….

    The car wash people. Those who work on the tills tell me that the ‘car washers’ are mostly Albanians and they “disappear and move to-and-from different branches”. They’re not even in the E.U!
    They might give your car a great clean but, why are they here?

    Sainsburys must know what’s going on?

    If Albanians can float around the UK without being on the radar, who else is here?

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    I’ve been a patient at the Maelor Hospital for a long time now. Since 1991.
    Tonight I had cause to go to A&E for a wound to be attended to.
    9:30pm and A&E was absolutely full to the brim. All the seats were taken. People were standing, waiting to be assessed by the nurse before being called to ‘minors’ etc.
    A lad sat next to me, with his father, had been there 3-hours, before he was called to ‘minors’.
    10-years ago the population had outgrown the Maelor Hospital. Patients coming from Bala & Barmouth even.
    Tonight, as I sat in A&E, every other person called over the tannoy must have been Eastern European. Really. But what really riled me was that most of the ‘Eastern Europeans’ were what I would describe as ‘down and out’. Drunk, scruffy, and in possession of carrier bags and holdalls packed with clothes, and the rest of their worldly possessions.
    Can someone really tell me that these people are migrant workers?
    The Maelor Hospital could barely cope before 2004 when the borders opened. How does it cope with those with a valid visa, and those who don’t?


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    Pryce Griffiths sold Wrexham F.C down the river.
    He had to bite his lip when Hamilton removed his two sons from the board of directors.
    Hamilton spilled the beans in a letter to the Evening Leader saying Griffiths stood to receive £500k if the Racecourse got re-developed.
    When questioned by a reporter about this, Griffiths’ only reply was: “This is confidential business”.

    So, Griffiths only received £50k for his 78% shareholding of the club, saw no £500k, had his sons removed from the board, and lost the respect of Wrexham football fans who knew what was going on at the club via the Net.
    Still today, there are people who don’t understand what went on. The local papers were too scared of being sued to print the goings-on.

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    I meant to add that you have to ‘go for it’ in this league. Speculate to accumulate!

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    Wrexham F.C have not replaced the better players which have left the club over the last two seasons.
    Prior to the two Wembley trips, the Trust had a 5-year plan to tackle debt. That plan was thrown out of the window and the Wembley cash was used to clear the debt.
    The club also has a history of signing players nearing the end of their careers. These players are also suspect to injury. Andy Bishop, Bret Ormerod…
    It is no fluke that we are languishing near the foot of the table. We’re simply not good enough.

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    The Travellers have been on Alyn Waters for a week now. What is the hold up evicting them?

    Children’s football matches have had to be cancelled because of them.

    BBC News – Llay cancels football matches due to Alyn Waters travellers

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