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    Quite right Wayne.

    What annoys me is that Wrexham Council presses for the town to become a city, yet can’t get the basics right.

    Communication i.e roads around the town are a nightmare. One smash at tea time and the whole town is snarled up. On a good day at this time, or any other time, come off the A483 and head for the town centre and it’s a nightmare getting into town, negotiating the one-way system etc
    B&Q roundabout. It’s in darkness without street lighting on at night time. What an advert for the town? Look for yourselves the next time you drive round it at night. You can’t even see the road markings!
    Chester Sainsburys. No problems driving in and out. Sadly not the case for Wrexham, despite a new lane being introduced… The traffic lights on the B&Q roundabout don’t let enough traffic pass through for a start…

    Judge for yourselves.

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    @wrecsam_lad 3164 wrote:

    ♪ ♫ This town, is coming like a ghost town
    All the shops have been closed down ♪ ♫

    Same the whole country over, very sad…

    Wrexham ‘town centre’ will even more become a sight for sore eyes.
    It’s the O.A.Ps who arrive at the King St Bus Station who can’t muster the energy to go to Eagles Meadow I feel sorry for. Even the ‘Bridge over the River Kwai’ leading to EM is a challenge for for the able-bodied on a windy day.

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    Crews from Wrexham were called to the following car fires last night – all thought to be started deliberately:

    21:35 The Mount, Caia Park, Wrexham

    23:22 Stanley Street, Caia Park, Wrexham

    23:27 Green Bank Street, Caia Park, Wrexham

    Sadly this seems to confirm that there’s a group of serial-arsonists in Queens Park.

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    I give it a couple of weeks before the dragon disappears…


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    I have seen most of the usual cloud formations before, even the more rarer lenticular clouds, but never ever recall seeing even a picture resembling these ‘polo mint’ type clouds. Clear night, apart from these clouds. Great to see. Pictures don’t do them justice.

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    My Dad was plagued by a nuscience telephone caller who claimed to be representing the FIFA Lottery.
    He said my dad had won and needed an administration fee of £221 and bank details before he could release an £800,000 win.

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    @liam 1110 wrote:

    That’s some impressive turkey knowledge right there!

    Fair point re: the picture, it must be a local farmer so seems odd that no-one has alerted them or they haven’t found it.

    Asking a local turkey farmer to recognise a missing turkey must be like asking someone find the proverbial needle in a haystack :confused::D
    Perhaps he/she doesn’t know that one has flown the nest? If you’ve got two thousand flippin’ turkeys in a barn are you really going to miss one? :rolleyes:
    It’s a good job only one seems to have made the great escape.


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    Under Rhosddu railway bridge. I’d love to know how many wing mirrors have been lost under there :rolleyes:

    Sainsburys Roundabout. People don’t stick to the lanes. It’s like playing russian roulette negotiating that roundabout!

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    I’ve got my Mum very poorly in the maelor at the moment. 4-weeks she’s been in there.

    The doctors, nurses, cleaning staff, everyone have been FANTASTIC!

    in reply to: Kate joins the Scouts #55402


    will be helping out with the Beaver Scouts


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