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    The pure size and physical geography of Queens Park makes for difficult policing.
    It’s an expanding estate as well with new homes being built on the outskirts etc. In 2001 the Census declared it had a population of 11,882 in 5,019 household. I’d make a guess that the estate now has a population exceeding 15,000.
    So, with something like only 4 or 5 PCSO’s, and little more actual PC’s assigned to the area, how can anyone expect a reassuring police presence?
    Moving the Police H.Q away from the fringes of the estate out of town is baffling. Whilst across the border in Chester they moved their H.Q to Blacon which has a slightly larger population than Queens Park but with the same problems? Make your own mind up what you think is the most pragmatic move by either force?


    ‘We don’t feel safe in Wrexham in the daylight’ shock survey finds

    What was the survey results for night-time?

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    .move the services out of town for the good the residents of the immediate area. Particularly Rhosddu who have had a lot to endure the last few years. Terrible.
    Previously on the issues of drugs etc, Inspector Paul Wycherley said the job in Rhosddu had been “challenging”. As if the Police had won?
    It’s got worse.
    Not forgetting those trying to earn a living either? The business rates are high enough? There’s no reduction for opening your shutters everyday to find rubbish on your doorstep, people slumped across your doorway etc etc?
    I say move the alcohol and drug rehabilitation ‘drop in centre homes’ to the edge of the Industrial Estate. Where there’s a Spartan bus route, 5-miles away from the nearest railway station etc An extension to HMP Berwyn?


    Likewise, as other thread participants have pointed out, the 50 zone is causing problems on slip roads, particularly during ‘rush hour’. Rather exasperating when other are flying past in the ‘fast lane’ oblivious to the speed signs? Mr White Van Man, haulage vehicles etc
    It’s causing more trouble than before.

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    The problem is Council Watcher that many of these individuals will not engage with the services of any description (re data provided by Cllr Hugh John Jones)

    zinger All the services are in place with CAIS, The Wallich etc. The problem being individuals not engaging with the services

    MP1953 Wrexham is bound to be an attraction for (Day trippers). After all, you only have to step off a bus at Wrexham Bus Station and you’re in the ‘Golden Triangle’. Where drugs are easily available. It’s easy to purchase drugs, and easy to blend in with a group and make limited policing almost impossible.

    I personally doubt they’ll solve the ‘Golden Triangle’ problem as things stand. It might sound radical but, I would move the Wallich venues, the Elms etc out of town. For the sake of Wrexham’s town centre commerce and its citizens. Especially the OAP’s who’ve abandoned a bus trip to Wrexham.

    Any suggestions where to move them? But one thing for sure, their present locations are destroying the town.

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    ‘From the above comment, (something being done earlier) what I don’t understand is you rarely see the same people twice, are they being brought into Wrexham somehow from somewhere ?’

    I disagree.
    The last 3-years in particular when the problem of NPS crack cocaine and heroin abuse has come into vogue in Wrexham, the offenders are predominantly of local origin. And sadly long-term residents of the Wallich projects and services in the immediate area of the ‘Wrexham Golden Triangle’.
    The’Golden Triangle’, being Chester Street, Waterworld, The Library, The Bus Station, Grosvenor Road, and Rhosddu.
    They’re all familiar faces. Their names commonly known. Their pictures appearing in the local media, BBC videos etc
    The Council identified that a great number of those engaging in anti-social behaviour at the Groves ‘commune’ weren’t homeless. Had addresses etc
    Council acted on advice from the various agencies, Police etc who asked people not to give donations etc because it just funded their habits. Basically these people were not homeless. Just people with addictions

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    and the back of the Library & ‘Needle Park opposite the Police Station.

    If it wasn’t for people like Keith Gregory, who regularly go out and clean the areas, the town would be a lot worse off..

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    I’d have thought that on the grounds of health and safety a multi-storey car park would be obliged to have 24-hour security, or at least an attendant?
    In March 2017 one individual decided to sit on the ledge of the top floor in an apparent ‘cry for help’ due to his addictions. As the video shows, individuals are presumably injecting drugs and drinking. That doesn’t bode well for a multi-storey?
    It’s not good for commerce in the town either. If you’re discouraged from taking the bus into town because of the much-publicised problems at the Bus Station, but instead decide to use that car park, after being met by that disgusting mess, you’re going to shop elsewhere. Chester, Broughton, Shrewsbury etc.

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    It would be interesting, if someone who knows how to go about it, to pursue a Freedom of Information Act inquiry to Wrexham Police the exact scale of Class A drug abuse in the town?
    We’ve all seen the needles at the back of the Library, opposite the Police Station etc etc What is the gravity of the problem in Wrexham? People taken into custody are swabbed etc

    So? What’s the score?

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    It’s a bit of a joke isn’t it?
    The defendant had ‘taken Cocaine’. What were the swab results like they do at most RTC’s etc?
    He had Cocaine but…’but the amount was not enough to be tested’…Hey?? Is this a joke?
    In other countries like Cyprus & Greece, if you’re caught with one spliff, the Hawaii 5 ‘O’ visit you 3 times a year and put sellotape on the carpet looking for traces of weed?
    His brief cited he had taken Cocaine, like it’s not his fault? As if he’d taken some heavy-duty drug to aleve or treat an ailment?
    And, it’s the ole’ story in Court…’I only take it twice a month’ blah blah blah? How naive are our Magistrates & Judges?

    It’s alright though. He never took it out of his pocket. Although, CCTV operators could see a big flipping kitchen knife hanging out of his pocket,…..


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