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    Let’s be honest….
    Everything Atherton does will be scrutinised and criticised by the usual suspects. And it’s plain to see on social media. They’re faster than a greyhound out of a box.
    It’s boring. Blame blame blame the Tories for everything.
    They’ll sit in Saith Seren with political banners watching Scottish Independence on TV, sing Meibion Glyndwr on Bootlegger videos.. March up Caergwrle Castle in a paramilitary style with berets and sunglasses more akin to the Falls Rd. There was no sunglasses when Owain Glyndwr was around.
    They are extremists. They attach themselves to Wrexham AFC as an extreme Left group. Export their political views and violence on the streets of Dublin and UK. Take it up to Glasgow Rangers when the town played there in a cup game. Wrexham FC is now regarded by UK football fans as a club which has an allegiance with Celtic Football Club…
    What a slap in the face for the people of Wrexham whose sons and daughters have served in the forces.
    An absolute embarrassment and slur on Wrexham town.
    Backed up when a democratic vote goes the wrong way.
    Blaming everything on the Tories when we are governed by a Welsh labour assembly.

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    I’ve felt that the Government has handled things well so far….until tonight’s confusing update.
    It was misguiding. But, at the end of the day, anyone whose online, watches the news etc must surely appreciate the severity of this pandemic?
    Whoever governs the UK is under scrutiny. But, at every opportunity in this town, there are people out with a predominantly leftist/communist agenda. On every forum, every opportunity, Some of them export their political agenda in the name of Wrexham to the violence associated with the Dublin football derby games..
    Atherton had only been elected to Pariament under a month and the usual suspects started slating the state…. Labour had 13-years…never waved a magic wand, never prepared etc…

    If anything goes wrong… blame the Tories (yawn)

    Diane Abbott would’ve been Home Secretary during this crisis…


    It’s the usual suspects (yawn) going on about the Tories…
    It’s their ‘rocking horse’….

    EVERYONE can remember how good Labour was during their 13-years in power. Absolute utopia!

    The truth is they did NOTHING but fail. But, built a runway!

    Absolutely no planning when the EU borders came down? Wrexham with one of the largest Industrial Estates in Europe…they did nothing. Changing demographics etc they did nothing…

    That’s why Wrexham Maelor Hospital is not fit for purpose. Taking patients from Bala, Barmouth etc.. We could have done with a second hospital years ago….when Labour were in power for 13-years…
    But, they did NOTHING.

    Even their hard-core traditional support rejected them at the ballot box. Rejected Corbyn et al…

    All that’s left is for the usual suspects to ‘Tory bash’ on forums.

    It’s because of Labour we’re in the mess we’re in…for years..


    All these threads started by Anonymous regarding Sarah Atherton?
    Picking holes at every opportunity. …We’ll see a lot of these no doubt. Orchestrated as well.
    Orchestrated by the same like-minded group of people who considered Ian Lucas not extreme enough for their extreme socialist ideologies.
    The comeback they can’t take is that the mainstream tradition Labour electorate rejected Corbyn et al at the ballot box. Must be a bitter pill to swallow….

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    Don’t worry, our MP Atherton will sort it.

    Labour had 13-years in power and couldn’t sort it out though could they?
    In fact, look at the legacy they left the country with?
    On a local level there was no planning regards the hospital? Despite their tenure being when the EU borders came down and thousands migrated to Wrexham Ind Estate?
    No planning nothing. The legacy of labour is we’ve been left needing a second hospital, the town’s road system is laughable etc
    I knew, and everyone knew, it would be only a matter of time before the Wrexham socialists start playing up.
    What do they expect? Utopia suddenly after Labour’s legacy? The hanging gardens of Babylon overnight?

    Dig in everyone…we’re in for a long hard slog of Wrexham hard Labour picking holes from now on…

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    So, explain who is synching with the Police Officer, sounds identical at the same time then?
    Why didn’t he react to someone else shouting such expletives?

    Those who watch the video will now acknowledge, that NWP has a lip-synching-double. who passes by an officer shouting bad language…

    A ‘double’ who even acts as an officer and tells people to “move along”!

    Fanciful. Especially with the video

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    It’s not language befitting a Police Officer…

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    There’s a Grandpa…with a flat cap. A kid donning a rucksack holding his parents hand etc And a presumably high-ranking officer calling people “C**** and D******?
    There’s no situation. Both sets of fans are let out at the same time. There’s ample police in attendance etc..
    You get pulled up in your car, after a few beers tottering up High Street etc and start using that language at a Police officer…..
    Disgraceful language in my opinion.

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    If a Police Officer is going to stand still in the middle of the road and call people “C****’ and “Dick****s we’re risking inflaming a non-situation aren’t we?

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    Just been looking at the pictures from the Tweets on the feed..

    Fantastic stuff! They’re all superb!

    Mark Riley @Prisonervi

    Ian Bancroft @brynawelon1

    Ian Lucas MP @IanCLucas

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