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    Let’s cater for the majority not the minority. Money is tight use it wisely.

    Well said.

    Why not take this opportunity to produce signage for the growing number of Urdu and Punjabi speakers in the region? With the British set to be a minority in their own country by 2060 according to most demographic projections, it’ll have to be done sooner or later.

    Let’s take the lead now and demonstrate that Wrexham is a progressive and inclusive multicultural town.

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    Why is allowing this vile hate speech and bigoted rhetoric against our valued Traveller Community to stand?

    May I remind you that Travellers, both Irish and Romany, are a protected ethnic group under The Equality Act 2010, and it is a criminal offense to stir up racial hatred in this way.

    I suggest you remove this thread swiftly, Rob, lest you expose yourself to criminal prosecution.


    Impeccably honest, well-mannered and hard-working folk these “Travellers”. Selfless, too – always making visits to the homes of the elderly and helping them with their plumbing.

    I can’t possibly fathom why anyone would object to having them in their neighbourhood. They must all be evil evil nasty waycist bigots! No other reason for it.

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    It seems a familiar face has resurfaced from his parents’ house. Long term sick (bad back or something, jury is out on the legitimacy of that one after almost two decades), a lacklustre education (the pseudo-academic writing courtesy of, and funnily enough, a proponent of the late, not-so-great Jimmy Savile (allegedly scapegoated by the cultural marxists, and even if he was guilty, it also allegedly doesn’t matter because ‘everyone was doing it back then’). “Political power grows out of [the forums]”. Unfortunately some people are so ostracised (not necessarily due to hardline immigration beliefs – more than likely due to praising Jimmy with every other breath for whatever tinfoil hat reason) that their only outlet is safely behind a keyboard locked in their bedroom.

    If you’re still dossing around Wrexham bus station you should hook up with that MP1953 chap or whatever he’s called and blow your giros on a few lagers at Wetherspoons. You could even place your hand on each others thigh and provide some reassurance that the 7.6 billion (minus 2) people in the world have conspired to keep you jobless throughout your adult lives!

    Unfortunately people don’t usually reply once outed!

    I’m afraid the only thing you’ve outed is the unenviable way in which you spent a portion of your Friday night, bashing out presumptive nonsense on an otherwise deserted web forum.

    The only similarity I can claim to have to this unfortunate person you describe, views on immigration apart, is the calibre of my formal education, which could be described as much worse than lacklustre, local state school provision being what it is. Happily, the growth of the Internet coincided with my adolescence, and I am a very capable autodidact.

    Grade: C-

    Must try harder.

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    Shifting Space will you stand up not anonymous and make your racist small man jibes? I challenge you to it – or back down. Make your convictions real.

    Firstly, I have made no racist jibes by any reasonable definition of the word. Those exist only in your fevered imagination. While my comments are certainly racialist, they are in no way racist; the distinction is a clear one.

    But more importantly, why on earth, after just discussing the political persecution of someone for his outspoken views on immigration, would I unmask myself and risk losing my liberty for a bogus thoughtcrime (hate crime)?

    Even if I were to escape any police attention, I know exactly what your lot are like. Nasty, vindictive people who cannot win in the arena of ideas and so you would seek to put me out of a livelihood.

    No, there is nothing to be gained by attaching a name to my posts. It’s not even a matter of cowardice or bravery – it would simply be senseless. The cause of British Nationalism would be no more advanced by my doing so.

    Now simply isn’t the time. The political climate is still too hostile to people of my outlook. Decades’ worth of Cultural Marxist indoctrination must first be undone.

    Besides that, my words are no less persuasive for being anonymous. The truth is the truth whosoever speaks it.

    Nice try though. You sneaky little rat.

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    Now that your tinfoil hat has slipped and we can see the full extent of your unfortunate disposition I’d just like to pick you up on one of your rants about your idol.
    You say he was unfairly treated for trying to report the ins and outs of the case and that the media have been gagged, it’s a conspiracy etc etc. You do know that many sensitive court cases like this are subject to media blackouts, this is to ensure that any trial is not prejudiced in any way and to ensure a fair trial and prosecution. So had your mate Tommy and the media been allowed to report what they like, there was a very real probability that these scum bags would have gotten off on technicalities.
    Whilst you come across as marginally more intelligent than your usual bigot, you’re still making a very good job at making yourself look very foolish.

    Come now, do you sincerely believe that were this any other member of the public in the same position who didn’t have a reputation as a kind of right-wing boogeyman that the authorities would display quite the same vigor and alacrity in arresting him?

    It should also be stressed that the initial charge on which they detained him was breach of the peace, despite having done nothing of the sort. Indeed, it was the unrepentant savages entering the court room who were causing the ruckus.

    The policemen arriving at the scene however, having undergone numerous training courses on the topic of Racial Profiling (formerly known as common sense) and Community Diversity, and hence thoroughly convinced of the benevolence of the “Muslim People”, naturally assumed that the Asian gentlemen were the innocent party and promptly arrested the unassuming Brit, cruel imperialist that he is, for having the indecency to have subjected the noble Muslims to his infidel presence.

    It was only later that they dreamt up the contempt of court charge, never explaining how precisely his mere standing outside of a court room could possibly prejudice anyone.

    The whole thing was politically motivated as damn well you know.

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    So I’m the stooge when you are basically mindlessly spewing out bollocks coming from the alt-right both in the UK and the USA. Heard all this tripe many a time from the likes of Breitbart, Katie Hopkins, Prison Planet Paul, Count Dankula & so on & so forth.

    I don’t respect them & I have the same respect for you as I do for some dog shit ingrained in the bottom of a shoe.

    You wonder why everyone finds you so disagreeable, you feel alienated because they don’t want to be a nasty little bastard like you? Not except for the goosesteppers & those not intelligent enough to known any better. Were you bullied as a child, mummy and daddy didn’t love you? Your only comeback to the utter despair that no-one else can see it your way is that we must all be wrong. We must somehow be sucking on the teats of conspiracy.

    Meanwhile you read your little pamphlets of hate dreamed up by 13 year old little edgelords who think Hitler was an alright chap & the holocaust was a bit of a laugh, only because they are too young & naive to know any better and think Trump is the dog’s bollocks. But you know better you’re a fully grown adult, but someone is now listening and spouting out your line of toxic bigoted hate. You feel like as long as you avoid all the instantly contemptible phrases you can sign up onto an Internet forum and give out the big man vibe and say stuff anonymously because you don’t have the f*cking balls to say it out loud as yourself. You are that worried about being cuckolded in life by anyone with that little bit of diversity, this is what you have been reduced to.


    Yet another substance-less and, amusingly, hate-filled outburst. It’s almost as if your position on this matter has no foundation whatsoever, and so all you can manage is empty bluster.

    Maybe it’s that you realise, at least on a subconscious level, that you are in the wrong, and all these angry little protests are simply the product of painful cognitive dissonance, a kind of cathartic release for your psyche.

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    Shifting space is sad and angry because he’s not allowed to refer to the local corner shop by what he wants to anymore & he can’t even refer to his GP by the colour of his skin because he’ll get tuts in the line at the local butchers.

    Political correctness gone mad.

    Simmer angry gammon simmer.

    What a good little stooge you are, mindlessly unleashing a fulminating attack on anyone who challenges the prevailing order.

    Well, your response, utterly devoid of substance though it may be, has convinced me. Unchecked migration and its attendant destruction of social cohesion, the occasional mass vehicular homicide or improvised explosive aside, is an unalloyed good and needs no rational justification or defense.

    May the Cultural Enrichment process long continue, inshallah!

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    With your clumsy attempt at comedy, are you trying to suggest that no such gag order was in place?

    I was implying you were mental, then you posted again and confirmed it.
    What’s this ‘Incel’ lifestyle like then? Any war stories?

    Do tell me what is ‘mental’ about wanting your country to belong to its people.

    I wonder if you think the Chinese insane for wanting China to belong to the Chinese, or the idea that Africa ought to belong to the Africans bizarre, or Israel to the Jews, or Japan to the Japanese. And if not, why not?

    “They’re bonkers those Chinese, not sending ships round to Africa, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent and indiscriminately importing boundless hordes of Negroes, Arabs and South Asians into their country. Don’t they know how culturally enriching they are?”

    What sane person would see the regular reports in the capital about acid attacks, gun and knife crime, sexual assaults and think, “That multi-cultural project is working well. Let’s have more of that!”


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