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    As far as I remember the falcons nested first on st giles tower but were unwanted guests. The police then stepped in and put a box up but with the church under new management they encouraged them back. They can be seen regularly hunting pigeons off the church.

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    The problem with A&E;

    1. Nowhere to send older people and blocking beds. A friend of mines father has been in hospital for 3 months, he was originally taken there after a fall (no bones broken), after several infections, refusing to eat and lost confidence they can’t send him home until he gets better care sorted, and discussions have been dragging on for weeks.

    2. Last week a work colleague went to A&E with a wound needing stitches. Whilst waiting some 4hrs he witnessed 3 polish men with colds go in an presumably come out with paracetamol, a child with a rash happily running around and a women with dizzy spells. When will people learn A&E means accident and emergency? There should be a triage system which actually sends people home if they shouldn’t be there. That’s the only way people learn.

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    Mark Pritchard living up to his reputation as school yard bully and Hugh jones dismissive of every question asked simply kept repeating his own rhetoric. Dana Davies asks a perfectly reasonable question about exit strategies and he accuses her of not asking a question shoots her down in flames and repeats the same garbage he’s just said. Gives me the creeps.

    We need fewer and much better councillors. We could easily manage with half the number and if the new ones were twice as professional we’d be in a much better situation.

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    @derekjackson 17708 wrote:

    Wrexview you have missed the point of the allotments it is actually part of the income stream to keep the place open!!
    You will also be able to go to the open air cinema and sit to look at the moon and stars whilst the wind whips round your ears.
    You will be able to share your food – with the other tables – as your food blows from one table to another- it will be best to sit next to a table with plenty of food you could eat free!.

    Don’t forget the pigeons and seagulls!

    The most ridiculous idea since the giant dragon that never got built.

    I’m beginning to think they’re smoking something illegal in economic development.

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    I’d be surprised if the highways dept are happy with any reduction in car parking in the town centre and where will people go for a joint and a piss?

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    I am at a total loss to understand what the council leader and cronies is thinking. I have worked for WCBC and it’s predecessor all my working life and never have the employees been so stretched and the general feeling about the authority been so negative. We have dropped all the services we can and are working on a shoe string, stress levels are through the roof and complaints are pouring in. Some department actually seem barely sustainable and none of the cost saving exercises employed (postal service and contact centre) actually seem to provide a better service. Why oh why are we employing consultants who will take a proportion of any savings made to suggest yet more cuts to an already stretched organisation. There is an opportunity to link with Flintshire and therefore maintain a critical mass, yes the first few years will be messy but in the long term surly it’s the only solution. We will still be much smaller and less populous than any of the English authorities.

    I have never had much respect for our elected members, but this fiasco, the fact we can now see just how clueless (brainless) they are on the web cast has left me dumb struck. These people are not up to determining our future and making sensible decisions. Do us a favour WG and step in, things can’t get much worse. No confidence in our members.

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    Look up Indian meal moth, it seems like once you have an infestation they get everywhere.

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    That is so disgusting, I think it’s a Moth larvae which are found in dirty kitchens, I hope local people take note and stay well away. It’s just not acceptable.

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    Someone parked on the double yellow lines on crescent road as I type, they’ve been there an hour now proudly displaying a disabled badge. Clearly it is fine to abandon your car in a dangerous place if you have a badge!

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    So discussions with welsh government lasted 8 minutes, and cllr Pritchard was only after a fight. Why does that not surprise me, the man is clearly incapable of an intelligent debate. Can’t imagine this will end well for Wrexham when such a vacuous numbskull is leading us into a position we can’t backdown from.

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