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    Sorry to put a dampner in some of the views in this thread but the solution to empty shops is to accept that 100% occupancy will never be the case in the future. Wrexham along with other towns and cities has at least 25% more space than required (at present- the prediction nationally i that on current floor space there will be a 45% surplus by 2020).
    Everyone needs to plan for the future and stop trying to resurrect the past – it will never come back.
    The salvation of any retail business starts with the product/price and service offering not with politicians tinkering at the edges of the business expenses by reducing rates. If a business is desperate to get a 10/15% reduction in rates to make them profitable then they need to look very closely at the overall sustainability as the profitability is clearly far to low to survive.
    For small one person businesses spending all there waking hours trying to make end meet — I would ask the question WHY? Your life and family is worth more than ‘dying behind the counter’. When did you last have a day off and dare I ask when did you last have a holiday with your partner or family?

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    On another thread it is said that the Post Office is going into Smith’s — if they cant cope know then what chance when Post Office services are dealt with on their ‘everyday’ counter

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    The use of the funding by the Council should be split into three very similar categories —
    1. Statutory — absolutely essential with no options such as Education, Social Care
    2. The desirable — essential but not statutory
    3. Non essentials – nice to have but not essential and totally at the control of Council Members
    Baffling everyone with pages and large numbers of columns of figures is a total turn off and does not help the public understand the situation.

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