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    Town Hill Post Office has already gone – it was moved to the Premier Store by Victoria School a few weeks ago-

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    There is an alternative way for small shops to get off the ground by someone taking a lead to gather details of all of the potentials and then to see who could operate together from one shop unit — dare I say create another market with shared costs.
    Does anyone in the Council have this info to broker.

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    If you look on the cover of the Master Plan the junction of Lampit Street and Chester Street actually shows open space with what appers to be apartments with large models of coloured dogs — for once the consultants might have an insider track in respect to this whole site!

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    Looks like the Council Internal Audit has now confirmed some of the issues about misinformation provided by Council Members and officers about levels of occupancy in the Markets. The following is a section from the Auditors report going to Audit Scrutiny next week

    Page 63
    R2 015
    The main weaknesses identified were:
    a) Incomplete records – of stalls and their occupancy, and key supporting documentation was sometimes lacking.
    b) Inadequate controls over casual stallholders and the amount of time that they remain ‘casual’
    c) Weak control over cash income for the outdoor markets (although no evidence of any irregularities was found)
    A Follow-up audit (2015/712) found that these weaknesses had been addressed.


    Liz I gave up watching these web casts a while back as they are so often next to useless there is no sound quality and what you can hear is just drivel in most instances. Gone back to watching the soap that do have a similarity with the Council meetings in that they may as well have scripts written by the same people as they are both works of fiction most of the time.

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    Just fed up of people trying to justify on here why they should not do something when everyone knows in their heart of hearts and conscience they just should not be dropping things or leaving their dog mess.

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    Perhaps the most effective for dog owners would be for the animal to be put in a dog pound until the penalty is paid- being without their beloved animal may have more of an effect than a financial fee!

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    Aspiration- we can all have aspiration but often this does not equate to reality- the proposals for the General and Butchers Markets are undoubtedly aspirational with very little evidence that current trade levels can be maintained and crucially footfall to increase.
    If you look at the present stall occupation there are some traders who must surely be running a ‘business’ that is little more than a hobby. They may be filling a space in the market but are they making profits that are adequate for them to live on or are they dependent on other family income. A couple of traders I have spoken to admit they fall into this category having retired from one occupation they have invested in stock for a stall.
    It is a real shame that retail trends (driven by peoples changing habits and requirements) have changed so much that historical buildings like the markets are under so much pressure.
    Would the town be better off keeping both markets going or encourage some retailers to join together and take on a High Street unit and close a market to at least make the roads leading to the Markets has a level of ‘buzz’ that encourages people to shop the area.

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    They could all be reported to the Public Service Ombudsman for bring a Public Office into disrepute–
    See Paragraph 6(1)(a)
    You must not behave in a way which could reasonably be regarded as bringing your office or authority
    into disrepute at any time.
    As a member, your actions and behaviour are subject to greater scrutiny than those of ordinary
    members of the public. You should be aware that your actions in both your public and private life
    might have an adverse impact on your Council.
    Dishonest and deceitful behaviour will bring your Council into disrepute, as may conduct which results
    in a criminal conviction, especially if it involves dishonest, threatening or violent behaviour, even if
    the behaviour happens in your private life. Making unfair or inaccurate criticism of your Council in a
    public arena might well be regarded as bringing your Council into disrepute. Inappropriate e-mails to
    constituents might well bring the office of member into disrepute.

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    The mismanagement of the markets has been recorded for many years and pre-dates the current leadership in the Council. It is just astonishing that even under ‘new management’ in the Guildhall at officer and Member level no one has ever taken the trouble to really help address the issues.
    The report going to the Council meeting next week on the markets is now starting to highglight (yet again) the structural issues on the other two markets in the town due to a complete lack of investment over the years. See Page 29
    this just highlights the amount of work required as a result of years of neglect.

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